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Travel program Western Canada & Vancouver Island

In the late summer of 2018 we made a beautiful tour through Western Canada & Vancouver Island with a 25 foot long camper. On this page you can view the Western Canada & Vancouver Island travel program day by day. You can possibly start with the introduction page of the tour. Enjoy reading!

Day 1: Brussels - Vancouver
Day 2: Camper pick up at Traveland RV Rentals
Day 3: Manning Park
Bike ride Myra Canyon
Day 4: Bike ride Myra Canyon
Day 5: Hike - Mount Revelstoke National Park
Day 6: Hike -Loop Brook Trail & Meeting the Waters
Day 7: Emerald Lake & Lake Louise
Day 8: Hike - Johnston Canyon - Banff National Park
Day 9: Icefield Parkway
Day 10: Maligne Canyon & Maligne Lake
Day 11: Rearguard Falls
Day 12: Wells Gray National Park
Day 13: Nairn Falls
Day 14: Whistler Mountain
Day 15: Vancouver Island - Pacific Rim National Park
Day 16: Vargas Island & Meares Island
Day 17: Ucluelet - Wild Pacific Trail
Day 18: Cathedral Grove
Day 19: Campbell River - Elk Falls
Day 20: Sever hour whale watching tour - Campbell River
Day 21-23: Ferry - Cult Lake - Traveland RV Rentals

You will find the introduction page of our 23 day camper road trip with all sorts of relevant information here.

Wim & Jessica

We created the travel blog "Globetrotter Avenue" as a hobby, but also to share travel experiences with others. In the meantime we have visited more than 40 countries. We love nature, forests and mountains, but also sun, sea and beach. When we are not traveling, you will find us in the garden. Enjoy reading!

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