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Travel program Western Canada & Vancouver Island

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In the late summer of 2018 we made a beautiful tour through Western Canada & Vancouver Island with a 25 foot long camper. On this page you can view the Western Canada & Vancouver Island travel program day by day. You can possibly start with the introduction page of the tour. Enjoy reading!

Day 1: Brussels - Vancouver
Day 2: Camper pick up at Traveland RV Rentals
Day 3: Manning Park
Bike ride Myra Canyon
Day 4: Bike ride Myra Canyon
Day 5: Hike - Mount Revelstoke National Park
Day 6: Hike -Loop Brook Trail & Meeting the Waters
Day 7: Emerald Lake & Lake Louise
Day 8: Hike - Johnston Canyon - Banff National Park
Day 9: Icefield Parkway
Day 10: Maligne Canyon & Maligne Lake
Day 11: Rearguard Falls
Day 12: Wells Gray National Park
Day 13: Nairn Falls
Day 14: Whistler Mountain
Day 15: Vancouver Island - Pacific Rim National Park
Day 16: Vargas Island & Meares Island
Day 17: Ucluelet - Wild Pacific Trail
Day 18: Cathedral Grove
Day 19: Campbell River - Elk Falls
Day 20: Sever hour whale watching tour - Campbell River
Day 21-23: Ferry - Cult Lake - Traveland RV Rentals

You will find the introduction page of our 23 day camper road trip with all sorts of relevant information here .


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