About Us

Welcome to the About Us page of Globetrotter Avenue. I made the Travel blog as a hobby, but also to be able to share my travel experiences with others. In the past we used to travel every summer vacation France, Spain or the former Yugoslavia. I have fond memories of these trips and we would like our children to remember them in the same way. In the meantime I have visited more than 40 countries, including Australia, India, Mexico and South Africa. We love nature, forests and mountains, but also sun, sea and beach. We choose our destination according to our budget. We also look for fun adventures for the children. When they were very small, the trips mainly went to France, but when our daughter turned 3.5 years old, we couldn't hold ourselves anymore and we were on a plane to Florida. Usually we rent an apartment, house or cottage so that we can cook for ourselves. That puts pressure on the price and that way we can usually make two major trips each year. Meanwhile, a family member has joined, our adopted brown labrador Buddy. Some trips will therefore be slightly adapted to our new best friend. The photos and videos (99%) on my blog are made by myself. I hope to supplement the blog with a new report every month. You can always follow Globetrotter Avenue on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also register via an RSS feed (onesignal). You will then receive a notification when a new blog post is published.

We also love to “work” in the garden. If we don't travel, you can usually find us in the garden or on our terrace! Create videos and reviews about garden tools, such as the Stihl . battery hedge trimmerI also like to do.

Enjoy reading. I hope you get something out of it for your next trip.

Happy travels, Wim