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Our apartment with sea view in Gran Canaria

Holiday apartment with sea view on Gran Canaria

After two long years of staying home because of Corona, we could finally book another plane trip and I could start looking for an apartment to rent. The assignment: to find and book an apartment with sea view in Gran Canaria quickly. A few years ago, we almost booked a trip to Gran Canaria due to a cheap flight that was offered, but we couldn't find an apartment with a sea view. Either it was too far from the sea, or it was too busy or I read something in the reviews about barking dogs. So then not booked.

apartment with sea view in Gran Canaria

This year I was there early and because of corona there were fewer bookings. We flew with Transavia via Schiphol. The apartment I found through airbnb had a beautiful view and was right on the sea and on the quiet beach of Playa del Aguila. It belongs to the apartment complex High seas to Bahia Feliz. The apartment is actually rented out as an apartment for 3 people. In the pictures you saw in the 2de room one single bed, but there was room to place a second one.

Extra chairs under the bed

Matias, the host of the apartment immediately informed us that he could add an extra folding bed in the 2nd room. On arrival the bed was there and already made. There was a pile of towels on each bed. Because we stayed there for 12 nights, it was a double package with towels. Under the beds was a shelf on wheels with 5 extra folding chairs, so that the chairs took up less space. You could easily pull the shelf out from under the bed. In the kitchen was a matching fold-out wooden table (see photo above). We mainly used the table for breakfast and dinner. At noon we usually went to eat somewhere in a nice restaurant by the sea.

apartment with sea view in Gran Canaria

Coffee on the balcony

You can also eat at the bar in the kitchen, but the bar stools were mostly used to throw our clothes over and there were also 2 bar stools outside on the balcony. We had a few drinks outside on the terrace. It is therefore nice to sit there. The promenade below the balcony runs along the seafront to the other apartments. It was never busy. Only in the morning did you see a few joggers or owners walking their dogs. In 99% of the cases they were small dogs that are easy to keep in an apartment and can be taken on the plane in a bag. Most of those dogs seemed so happy to me. After a few days I recognized a few who were taking the same morning walk over and over.

apartment with sea view in Gran Canaria
Coffee at the first morning sun
Balcony with sea view Gran Canaria

The bathroom with shower is spacious in front of the apartment and there is a washing machine. We dried the laundry on a rack in the sun on the terrace. The beds were all of good quality. The living room is not large, but sufficient for four people. There is a three-seater sofa with an extra chaise longue to stretch the legs for one person. The seat can be easily pulled out to make a bed. The last few days we had done that so that four of us could watch TV side by side. Netflix was already installed on the large 60” TV and you were allowed to use the account from Matias.

The constant sound of the waves 🌊

apartment with sea view in Gran Canaria

The beautiful and cozy apartment is located right by the sea and you can hear the sound of the sea at all times. That is why we had chosen this apartment, among other things. Even with the windows closed you could, as in the apartment we rented in Madeira, always hear the waves. We find that really sweet. The apartment is actually on a busy coastal road, but because of the sound of the sea you hardly ever hear the cars. The few times I noticed it was in the bathroom in the morning. That's because the bathroom and kitchen are on the side of the road and the dining room and bedrooms are on the sea side. The quiet beach “Playa del Aguila” is right next to the apartment.

Parking Altamar Bahia Feliz
Catching Crabs Altamar Gran Canaria
Parking Altamar Bahia Feliz Gran Canaria

Access to the beach and rocks is easy via the promenade. My son fished for many hours and caught fish in the many pools with a landing net. There are nice crabs on the rocks. It is sometimes slippery because the water crashes hard on the side and the rocks are almost always wet, so be careful there.

The pool of Altamar - Bahia Feliz

Every day we went for a swim in the beautiful pool of the complex Altamar. The pool is heated until April 15. We felt a difference in water temperature that day. Without heating, the water in the pool can be cold during this period. We have already experienced this twice during our stay in Tenerife. There the water of the pool was about 19 degrees! So when I'm looking for an apartment now, I also look for "heated swimming pool". When we went sunbathing or swimming, it was never crowded. Usually there were only about 4 people present. There is also sea view from the pool.

swimming pool Altamar Bahia Feliz

A small minus: It's a bit of a shame that there were no cushions for the sun loungers at the pool. A bucket for the beach or a shovel net is always nice for when children are with you. We bought one and left it there. There is a pool side bar but we didn't see it open (thankfully). The only time it got really busy was over the Easter weekend. The week before the Easter weekend, the residents of Gran Canaria have a week of vacation.

Swimming pool Altamar Bahia Feliz

Difficult parking during the Easter weekend

Especially during the extended period Easter weekend it can get very busy in the south on Easter Monday. We could always park along the main road for the 13 days (see heart), but from the Easter weekend it was difficult to find a parking space. You can always find a spot on the parallel road (Av. the wind Surfing = see red arrow in the photo) next to the main road ( la Union Europa= heart). As you can see, this parallel road ends in a parking lot by the sea (see bottom 2nd photo). It is in this parking lot that you will also find the trash cans (see yellow arrow in the photo). Sorting is indeed done on Gran Canaria. You will find bins for cardboard, PMD (plastic), glass and normal household waste.

Trash cans Altamar Bahia Feliz
Trash cans and waste sorting area (yellow arrow)
Parallel road that ends in this parking lot (yellow arrow)
Additional parking on Av. the windsurfing (red arrow)

Good location

You can go in AND out everywhere with a token (key) that you receive from Matias. You normally get two keys. We didn't think the rent was cheap compared to Tenerife, but I wouldn't have wanted to stay in few other places. Glad we found this apartment. Matias himself was always very friendly and occasionally asked via whatsapp if we needed anything or wanted suggestions.

The “apartment with sea view on Gran Canaria” is only 20 minutes drive from the airport, which is always a practical plus. You can reach Maspalomas in 10 minutes by rental car and after a 25-minute drive you can have a nice dinner or go to the beach in Puerto de Mogán. The apartment is also well located for various excursions.


Shops and supermarkets are plentiful. Especially the small Spar supermarkets are everywhere. We went to three different ones and found that there weren't many differences. The three different chains were all on the expensive side. Some things were cheaper than with us, such as tuna steak (11€/kg) and scampis. More expensive than with us are breakfast cereals, chips and yogurt, for example. But all things considered, a full cart will cost about the same as ours.

I can absolutely recommend the apartment to families of up to four people!

Wim & Jessica

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  1. Anonymous

    I would like to know the price of this apartment and whether it is still available from April 6 to 13, 2024.
    Mariska De Beir
    [email protected]

    1. W&J

      Hi Mariska,
      Unfortunately this is not “our” apartment, but we rented it through AIRBNB.
      The Airbnb link to rent the apartment is in green at the bottom of the blog post. Good holiday!

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