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Bergenhof Hoogstraten

Bed and breakfast Bergenhof

Every now and then we take a weekend break and this time it was to B&B Bergenhof in Hoogstraten. Hoogstraten is located in the Kempen against the border with the Netherlands, has approximately 21.000 inhabitants, 3500 of which come from the Netherlands. The owners of B&B Bergenhof Hoogstraten, Jet and Rens, also come from the Netherlands. We could easily drive back and forth for a walk, because it was not far. Our preference is for wooded areas where we can take beautiful walks. We were warmly welcomed by Jet, the hostess of the B&B.

B&B Bergenhof in Minderhout

Before we got to see our room, Jet gave us a tour of the house and we were allowed to see the other rooms. The B & B is located in a rural area with many strawberry plantations. We were there at the end of November and Jet had found one last cup of strawberries for breakfast. The rooms were all tastefully decorated and ours had oak beams to the rafters. Our bedroom was attractively furnished with a double box spring and also had a sitting area with sofa and flat screen. The connecting room had 2 single beds and one double bed (see photos). So room for another 4 children. That room also had a flat screen. As in most B&B rooms in Bergenhof, this room was also equipped with a Nespresso coffee machine, tea bags (kettle) and bags. The bathroom is in your own private hallway that you can close.

B&B Gastenhof - Hoogstraten - Minderhout
B&B Gastenhof - Hoogstraten - Minderhout Deluxe Family Room
B&B Gastenhof - Hoogstraten - Minderhout Deluxe Family Room

Walk in Hoogstraten

On the way to B&B Bergenhof Hoogstraten we received a message from Jet asking when we wanted to check in. Normally this is possible from 16 pm, but that day it was possible a little earlier. We were actually on our way to make a first walk in Hoogstraten, but then we dropped off our suitcase in the B&B first. After we had unloaded everything, we drove to Hoogstraten for a short walk. It was fairly busy, but managed to find a parking space fairly quickly. We did the 00km walk (history lesson) from St. Catherine's Church. The weather was not very good and it started to rain after half an hour. We shortened a lot and drove to the cinema in Turnhout.

Turnhout is 25 minutes from Hoogstraten. It is actually shorter to go to the cinema in Breda. In B&B Bergenhof there is a kitchen that you can use to heat up dinner in a microwave. Plates, glasses and cutlery are available. After dinner we watched TV together on the sofa

Breakfast with strawberries

The next morning breakfast was ready downstairs and we were again kindly greeted by Jet. Breakfast consisted of pastries, croissants and extra donuts for the children. It was very neat. There was plenty of toppings such as cheese and ham, each a boiled egg, freshly made strawberry jam and a variety of sprinkles. For dessert there was yogurt with the strawberries. After a delicious breakfast and a long chat with Jet & Rens about trips made and to be made, we went for a walk in the neighborhood on the advice of the Jet. You can find the B&B via books.

B&B Gastenhof - Hoogstraten - Minderhout
B&B Gastenhof - Hoogstraten - Minderhout - Kitchen

Hiking in the valley of the Merkse

We hiked in the Wortel Kolonie (part of the valley of the Merkse), where small farms used to be established from 1822 on the heathlands. The area has a floating pattern that dates back to that time. The walking route that starts at “De Klapekster” runs along a large pond and through forests and meadows. Part of the route (between points 6 and 62) runs on the border area with the Netherlands. We saw birds of prey, including two buzzards. You can take the walking route here to look at.

The Klapekster

The café / shop of Natuurpunt calls the Klapekster. You can drink something there and eat your sandwiches at very reasonable prices. At the information stand there are brochures about the walking routes in the area. We followed the 4.5 km boat walk and ended in the Klapekster. Nice area, we will definitely come back for a longer walk.

Natuurpunt De Klapekster - Root Colony
Natuurpunt De Klapekster - Root Colony

B&B Bergenhof is located 110 km from Ghent and approximately 1h20 drive. If you would like to visit Ghent, you can find it here what to do in Ghent with all sights and activities today and tomorrow!

B&B Bergenhof and surroundings

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