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The most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria

Most beautiful beaches Gran Canaria 🏖️

Gran Canaria has many beautiful sandy beaches that are worth visiting. In the southwest you will find the most beautiful and most accessible beaches† Below is a list of the most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria that we have visited. There are more, but that list is for after our next visit. At the bottom of the list you will find a practical map with all 10 beaches.

Gran Canaria's most beautiful beaches

1. Playa Puerto de Mogan

Playa Puerto de Mogan was not the first beach we visited, but we thought it was one of the most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria. We also found Puerto Mogán to be a very pleasant village. The golden beach, with sand imported from the Sahara, is very suitable for families. The bay is sheltered between a rock with breakwater and the Barranco Mogán water channel, which opens right next to the harbour. Puerto de Mogán is sometimes referred to as the Little Venice of Gran Canaria. This is due to the many canals that run through the village. This place is also suitable for snorkelling.

beaches Gran Canaria

2. Playa de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known for the many boat trips that leave from the harbor. The paid parking is located close to the harbour. Prices are usually 0.02 to 0.03 cents per minute to park there. An afternoon parking usually cost around 7 euros. It was noticed that there are very few parking spaces in all of Gran Canaria and that is sometimes taken advantage of. Parking for four hours in Ghent costs 15 euros, so it's not that bad. Puerto Rico is actually a big beach town. It has an extensive golden sandy beach and sunbeds that you can rent. You will find shops and restaurants around the beach. We had a nice meal on a terrace at the entrance to the beach.

The beach is surrounded by a stone breakwater. Pontoons have been installed along it to easily get in and out of the water.

The most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria
puerto rico restaurant

3. Amadores Beach

The beach Playa de Amadores has a beautiful wide sandy beach in horseshoe shape with again those typical shops and restaurants around it. If you go to these places, you have to be prepared to say “No Gracias” many times to pushy restaurant and shop owners, who want to sell you all kinds of things. This is not the case in Tenerife. A water playground with inflatable water bouncy castles is located 50 meters from the beach. The kids wanted to go there again. For a whole day it cost 25 € and for 45 min 10 € per person. We were actually visiting from Puerto Rico and stayed for one hour so they could have some fun on the water.

beaches Gran Canaria

There is a large public toilet with showers on the beach. You have to pay for it and it wasn't cheap. To go to the toilet it was 0.60€ and to take a shower 2€!

Tip:: From the seaside resort of Puerto Rico on the harbor there is a kilometer-long promenade to Playa de Amadores. The panoramic wide footpath runs high above the sea. About in the middle you will come across a cafe that sells ice cream and drinks.

Most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria
Restaurants Playa AmadoresI
puerto rico restaurant

4.Taurito Beach

Taurito Beach has a small sandy beach compared to Playa de Amadores or Playa Puerto Rico, but that makes it cozier again. Here again restaurants and small shops with all counterfeit Gucci and Lacoste stuff. In the afternoon we ate lunch here. We had good food everywhere but this was the best lunch during our stay. Restaurant Bar Terraza Taurito is on the beach. It is run by father and son and they are both super friendly! I had chosen sea bass with rice and Jessica and the kids pizza and a homemade burger with fries. Tess also thought the pizza was the best she had eaten here.

Taurito Beach Gran Canaria
Taurito Beach
Taurito restaurant
Taurito pizza restaurant

The price was very good. Usually in Gran Canaria they charge well for a coke (3.5€), but here it was 2.5€. Water usually costs 2.5€ for half a litre, here it cost 1.5€. A beer was then again 3 €. In total the bill came to 55 €. In Taurito you will also find the smaller aqua park “Lago Taurito Water Park” that we also visited.

5. Playa del Ingles

Playa del Inglés is one of the busiest beaches on Gran Canaria. It is right next to Maspalomas. There are many holiday homes and apartments in the area. The coast is full of hotels, but because the beach is so long, there is plenty of room.

Not our type of beach, because it is too busy, but it is a unique environment through the dunes. There are also several surf schools, shops and restaurants nearby.

English beach

6. Playa de las Nieves

This beach is located in the northwest on the other side of the island to the town of Agaeta close to Puerto de las Nieves. It was an hour's drive (80km) from Playa del Aguila, via Las Palmas, around the island in an anti-clockwise direction. On the west side it is not recommended due to the mountains and narrow winding road. You can, but it will take much longer. Here too, it was a matter of looking for a free parking space. People are standing along the road with a "Parking" sign, but these are of course paid parking. If you don't mind a 5-minute walk, there are free places along the way.

Beaches Gran Canaria

The beach has a beautiful view of the mountains and you are only a few steps away from the many seafood restaurants. They are almost all located on the small promenade along the beach. We ate lunch here, but this time I didn't like the smoked salmon tagliatelle. Jessica and the kids had pizza and loved it. On the way back you can visit the grain store Cenobio Valeron .

Tip: For those who prefer something more adventurous, you can take a walk to the beach of Guayedra (see point 7).

7. Playa de Guayedra

This natural pebble beach can only be reached by taking a walk to Guayedra Beach. It is best to bring enough water with a backpack and possibly a packed lunch. The walk starts from a parking lot along the road between Puerto de las Nieves and Agaeta (see beautiful walks on Gran Canaria). The walk is partly (5 minutes) along a busy road and is not suitable for small children. It is a bit of a bite along this road, but we thought it was worth a visit. Follow the colored link for the description of the walk to the beach of Guayedra.

Guayedra Beach

8. Playa del Aguila

Mixed quiet beach with both sand and pebbles. This beach is right next to the Altama apartment complex where we rented our apartment with sea view in Gran Canaria from Matias. From the living room and bedroom of the children you had a beautiful view of this beach.

Especially in the morning people come for a walk on the hard sand and in the evening youth sometimes gather. From the beach you have side access to small rocks and associated pools (at low tide).

Playa del Aguilac

9. Hornillo Beach

Small sandy beach on the harbor of Pasito Blanco. Access is in principle private, but you can park for free on the road in front of the security booth and walk to the beach. We rented a boat there and were therefore allowed to drive through and park there for free. The beach is not so nice, but Alberto of the boat rental Isla Breeze Boat Rentals, said many giant rays can gather in the bay. You can see the rays from April, but when we were there, unfortunately we didn't see any.

playa del hornillo

10. Playa de Tufia

This picturesque hamlet is located on the coast in the east of Gran Canaria. It reminded me of the very cozy coastal town”El Puertitoin Tenerife. This beach ranks first on our list”The most beautiful beaches in TenerifeThe pity was that there was no restaurant to eat there. When we arrived there it was 13:30 pm and came from a hike in the mountains and were looking for a place to have lunch. A gap in the market for those who would like to start a small restaurant one day. My camera was then incorrectly set to Magic and all of Tufia's photos failed unfortunately.

Tufia Beach

Other beautiful beaches nearby

We stayed in Gran Canaria for 13 days and so were not able to visit all the beaches. There are certainly other beautiful beaches such as Anfi del Mar or Playa de Las Canteras in Las Palmas. We will be happy to visit the beaches on our next trip to Gran Canaria and add to this list.

Map: The 10 most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria

On this map you will find all the beaches of the list of 10 most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria. I have also included the Playa Alfi del Mar beach for your convenience.

Our apartment with sea view in Gran Canaria

The apartment has a beautiful view and was located right by the sea on the quiet beach of Playa del Aguila. It belongs to the apartment complex Altamar on Bahia Feliz.

Apartment with sea view

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