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The 8 most beautiful beaches of Jávea and surroundings

Jávea's most beautiful beaches

Below you will find the eight most beautiful and best beaches in Jávea and the surrounding area. Jávea (in Valencian Xàbia) is a municipality in the province of Alicante on the Costa Blanca and is located on one of the most beautiful coasts of Spain. If there are not too many waves, the water is crystal clear. Most beaches and swimming spots are hidden between bays, but are usually easily accessible. Even in August we quickly found a (free) parking space on the beach.

The most beautiful beaches of Jávea and surroundings

1. PLatja del Portitxol

Platje del Portitxol, also known as Cala Barraca, is located in the idyllic hidden Bahia del Portixol, just in front of the small island of Illa del Portitxol. The island itself is uninhabited, but in the past this was certainly not the case. Here and there you can see the remains of the old derelict houses on the island. Like most beaches between Moraira and Denia, this beach is not a sandy beach, but a pebble beach with small and large pebbles. The advantage of this is that the water is nice and clear and therefore perfect for snorkeling.

Most beautiful beaches of Jávea and surroundings
Jávea's most beautiful beaches
Jávea's most beautiful beaches
Jávea's most beautiful beaches


We stayed in a beautiful holiday villa on the way to the beach. The road is closed in high season from around 10u00 to 18u00 at Calle Truita and Carrer de la Barraca with a barrier closed by security. In the past, too many driveways to homes were closed off by parked cars. It is therefore best to either arrive before 10u00 or walk a long way to this beach. The road goes all the way down to the beach. There you will find a limited number of parking spaces (approximately 60).

Parking Platja del Portitxol - Jávea
Parking Platja del Portitxol - Jávea

Restaurants with a beautiful view of the bay

The nice thing about this beach is that there are two beautifully situated restaurants. Ideal for lunch, an aperitif or for supper. The first restaurant is called Cala Clémence and is a bit more chic than Bar la Barraca, a little further (behind the corner to the right), but they both offer an unparalleled view of the bay and the island. The prices are not too bad. There is a toilet on the side of the beach that you can possibly use and that is part of the restaurant / bar Cala Clémence. Friendly service. Platja del Portitxol is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Jávea!

Cala Clémence - PLatja del Portitxol

2. Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca is a bit remote and without GPS it might be a bit of a search for this rocky and cobblestone beach. You can't really call it a beach, because there are only rocks to sit on. Bring a few of those cheap folding chairs that you can buy everywhere. It is more than worth its price! The swimming area looks like a bowl of soup, but with crystal clear water and lots of fish. Ideal snorkeling spot. You should be careful not to stumble along the coast over the sharply protruding rocks. You can go in and out of the water via a staircase.

The most beautiful beaches of Jávea and surroundings
Cala Blanca - Jávea
Cala Blanca - Jávea
Cala Blanca


Perhaps does not fit entirely in the list of "most beautiful beaches Jávea", but it was one of the most beautiful swimming spots that we encountered. We parked in a narrow back street "Cami Calablanca" that leads to the "beach". There is a small and better parking space for around 60 cars on Av. the Ultramar.

3. Caleta de Tues

Caleta de Dins is just below Mirador de las Caletes and can be reached in the same way as if you were going to Cala Blanca. This pebble beach is a little further and you reach on foot along an unpaved walking path from Cala Blanca. The swimming area is sheltered from the waves by the small peninsula next to the pebble beach. Nice to jump from.

Caleta de Tues
Cala Blanca
Caleta de Dins - Javea

4. PLatja de la Granadella

The beach of Granadella is a pebble beach and is described as one of the most beautiful beaches of Jávea and even Spain, and it actually is. But when we were there, however, there was a lot of wind and there were very high waves. For smaller children it was not safe then. Due to the strong current I lost my diving mask. My son swam to the raft, which floated at about 100 meters in front of the pebble beach at sea and made it into all sorts of impressive somersaults. Tess and I swam in the strong current and over the high waves for over an hour. She couldn't get enough of it.

PLatja de la Granadella

Park & ​​Ride

We were actually on the way back from Cap de la Nau (the white lighthouse) when we passed the free parking at “Guardia Park” on Calle Cuereta and Carrer de la Falzia. It is at this place that the shuttle bus stops to drive to the beach of Granadella. A bus to Platja de la Granadella leaves every 45 min. We were just in time to join. The van only runs in the summer up to and including 31 August.

Park & ​​Ride PLatja de la Granadella
Bus PLatja de la Granadella
PLatja de la Granadella

When we arrived at the beach with the large pebbles, it was very busy and we were relieved that we had taken the bus. I think there were no parking places anywhere else in the area. There was hardly any place to sit on the beach, but it is definitely worth the effort to visit La Granadella, people or no people. We were able to stay for two hours, because we definitely had to take the last bus back to our cars in the parking lot.

We prepared ourselves ten minutes before departure at the bus stop and all six had a seat on the bus. Even more people could go with it. When the bus was really full we could leave. The parking is located 4 km from the pebble beach and the bus takes 10 à 15 minutes to the beach. You drive through a nature reserve with many newly planted trees. A few years ago there was a forest fire in the nature reserve, but the beautiful area is slowly recovering.

5. PLaya de la Grava

Playa de la Grava has one of the few sandy beaches in Jávea. It is located right next to the port of Jávea and found it pleasant to spend a few hours there. At the entrance of the harbor is a diving school (Buceo Puerto Jávea) where you could also rent a SUP per hour. My daughter wanted to give it a try for her birthday and we could easily rent a board there. There are few places where that is possible without having to follow a course first. It turned out that one hour was more than enough for her, because it was fun but also quite difficult to do.

Jávea - PLaya de la Grava

Beach House restaurant

In the meantime, our son went fishing in the harbor and along the pier. According to the signs it was actually not allowed, but we had seen several fishermen fishing in the harbor for several days and it was tolerated. Parking is free in the streets nearby or for example on the free parking in Calle Santísimo Cristo del M.

Tip: There is a nice cafe above the restaurant "Beach House Bistro Bakery" right on the pier of the harbor and offers a beautiful view of the fishing harbor and the sea.

6. Playa L'Arenal

Playa L'Arenal is one of the more famous sandy beaches in the area and is also a bit busier and more commercial than the other picturesque beaches that we usually prefer. It is a little further than Playa de la Grava and you can easily park in the streets that lead to the beach.

7. Cala D'Ambolo

Cala D'Ambolo is one of those picturesque beaches and is located just below Mirador Ambolo accessible via Carrer Torre Ambolo. When we were there we could not go because there was a danger of falling rocks. You can walk to the pebble beach (by car via Calle Igor Stravinsky and Calle Giuseppe Verdi). Unfortunately we were not able to walk to the beach, but Cala D'Ambola could certainly not be missing in the list of 'most beautiful beaches Jávea'. It will be for the next time.

8. Cala les Rotes / Cala Denia

Cala les Rotes are actually "beaches" made of rocks. It is located south of Denia just 10 km from Jávea and can be reached via Carretera Provincial del Barranc del Monyo. You can park there between restaurant Mena and reastaurant Ca Nano. We drank something in the last restaurant. Cala les Rotas is actually a nature reserve. Whales are sometimes seen from here and fishing is prohibited in the area. Maybe a bit strange, but the same whales can be spotted here as we saw on our own trip to Vancouver Island. There is a small pebble beach on the small roundabout near restaurant Ca Nano.

Cala les Rotes
Cala de Aigua Dolç
Cala les Rotes Cala Denia

Nudist beach Cala de Aigua Dolç

If you go a little further south, you will come to Cala de Aigua Dolç. That swimming spot is partly a nude beach / place. When we took a walk from Cova Tallada to Torre del Gerro you could clearly see the difference from Mirador Las Rotas 😉

Extra Tip: Moraira

Moraira is half an hour's drive from Jávea. The old fishing village has beautiful sandy beaches and is definitely worth a visit. Our children really enjoyed it there. In the following article you will find info about it the three most beautiful beaches of Moraira!

Most beautiful beaches Jávea: Map

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