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Bike tour of Myra Canyon - BC

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Myra Canyon Bike Rentals

We left Okanagan Lake Provincial Park on day 4 at 7:00 am and drove via Kelowna to Myra Canyon (60km / 37mi). At the end of the ride I had a 20 minute traffic jam, but we were on time on the bikes of Myra Canyon Bike Rentals. The bike ride through Myra Canyon was one of the most beautiful trips we have done. The weather that day was beautiful and there were hardly any clouds or smoke. When we arrived at 8.35 am via Myra Forest Service Road, a winding gravel road, they were unloading the bikes. Helmets are free to use. The owner is from the Netherlands and we could ask questions in advance in Dutch via email. 


Myra Canyon Bike Rentals
Myra Canyon Bike Trail
Myra Canyon Bike Trail

Myra Canyon bicycle tour: Most beautiful part of the Kettle Valley Railway trail

We had reserved the bikes in Belgium via the website of Myra Canyon Bike Rentals Booked in advance, but no date and time on the confirmation email. I sent an email back and I could assure myself that the reservation for that day was in order. After the saddles were adjusted to the correct height, we left at 8:50 AM for our bike ride through Myra Canyon. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the historic 600 km Valley Kettle Railway route. Trains still ran here until 1964. The 12 km (in total 24 km) panoramic cycling route crosses 18 bridges and through 2 tunnels and takes about 3 hours. The temperature was already around 9 ° C at 00:24 in the morning. It was sunny and there was no wind. It was a perfect day for cycling. At that time there were almost no people on the route. After 12km of stairs you come to the end of the route, indicated by a barrier and you can stretch your legs. You have the option to go to the toilet.

Myra Canyon Bike Trail

Golden mantle ground squirrels

On the way back we started to meet more and more people. You can also use your own bike on the route. I was glad we started cycling so early. Along the way we saw many squirrels that were not shy at all. I had stopped to take a picture of a squirrel, but that was not possible at first because when I stopped, he suddenly came to sit under my bike. Probably wanted a nut, but when he did not get one, the squirrel started posing on his rock again. If you rent bicycles in the morning you can do so from 9u00 and they have to be back at the latest 1 pm.

Myra Canyon Bike Trail- Mantel Ground Squirrel - Golden mantled Ground

Myra Canyon Bike Trail: One of the most fun activities in BC

In the afternoon you can rent bikes from 13u30 to 5.30 pm and in the evening from 5 pmtem 8 pm. We were back at 11u30 am. The price to rent the bikes was 154 $ CAD (including tax) for 2 regular bikes and 2 children's bikes. We found the route safe for normal cyclists, but found some parts dangerous for the smaller children. You really do not want to deviate from the path. On some parts, the abyss next to the cycle path is dangerously deep, so eyes on the road! Apart from that, this was one of the most beautiful and fun activities that we made in BC and Alberta.

Myra Canyon Bike Trail
Myra Canyon Bike Trail

Martha Creek Provincial Park

On the way to Revelstoke we went to eat taco's because it was Taco Tuesday and then they are very cheap (1.69 $ per piece). After lunch we had a long drive to Revelstoke from about 3u and from there another 20min to the campsite. Eli started to struggle a bit because he wanted to go swimming, fishing and snorkeling as quickly as possible. Once arrived (4.15 pm), Eli & Tess quickly forgotten about the ride. Martha Creek is a very nice site, one of the best we stayed, but only has places whitout electricity.

Martha Creek Provincial Park
Martha Creek Provincial Park - BC
Martha Creek Provincial Park

Swimming, snorkeling and fishing

The children went swimming and snorkeling immediately. The water was fresh, but ok. Fishing was not allowed yet because the person in charge of the park told us that you need a permit for that. We could only purchase these at the Court House of Revelstoke. OK, the day after we were going to arrange that in revelstoke. We stayed there 2 nights. I still had doubts about arranging a fishing license in advance via the internet and I would have done better. I knew you could also buy a license in a fish shop, but the local fish shop in Revelstoke had been closed for a while.

Mount Revelstoke National Park - Revelstoke BC

Children are actually allowed to fish for free, but if you as an adult help even a little you must also buy one and that license is not free. An employee told me this in a fish shop near Campbell River on Vancouver Island. It was a beautiful place to fish, but then we didn't catch anything. We didn't know at that time that we were going one after the other a few days later caught trout in Wells Gray Provincial Park!

Pick up Camper at Traveland Langley BC-Martha Creek Provincial Parl - Navion Diesel Camper

Martha Creek Campground is a campsite where dogs are allowed, but you do not suffer from it. The dogs barked occasionally when they played in the water with another dog or when the owner went swimming and the dog did not trust it. At 8 pm it was quiet on the campsite. The campsite is located on Lake Revelstoke, an idyllic lake between mountains and hills full of trees. The sunset is beautiful. It cools well at 8.30 pm so be sure to bring a fleece or warm sweater. Through this link you can reserve a place at Martha Creek Campground.

Mount Revelstoke National Park ️

Day 5: With the Revelation Gondola (we saw our first black bear from the Gondola) we went to the top of Mount Revelstoke (Mackenzie Outpost). The Pipe Mountain Coaster from Mount Revelstoke was very nice and you should definitely do it.

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Bike tour Myra Canyon & Revelstoke

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