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Cadzand walk: can your dog roam free?

When can your dog roam freely on the beach at Cadzand?

Dogs are allowed between 1 October and 1 May all day on the beach of Cadzand roam freelybut between 1 May and 1 October they may only run loose na 18.00 p.m. and until 10 a.m. So between 00:10 AM and 00:18 PM dogs are allowed on the beach, but during that period must be kept on a leash.

Keep in mind the different seasons, because the hours when dogs are allowed on the beach on a leash or not, vary depending on the season.

Cadzand walking

Cadzand-Bad: Cleanest beach in the Netherlands

Cadzand-Bad is a beautiful seaside resort with a wide sandy beach on the Dutch coast and popular with dog owners for walking. Cadzand is located between Breskens in the south of the Netherlands and Het Zwin in the northeast of Belgium. The coastal town has won the "Cleanest beach in the Netherlands" award several times.

In Belgium it is not always allowed to walk on the beach with your dog. In the Netherlands the rules are a bit looser and dogs are usually allowed to go to the beach freely. Nothing nicer for a dog to be able to walk free on a beach.

Busy on weekends 🐕

It can be very busy in Cadzand in the summer months, but also on a Sunday in the fall or in the winter. For example, we were there in October on a cloudy Sunday afternoon and the beach at Cadzand-Bad was very busy at the time. Many people apparently had the same idea and came to Cadzand for a walk with their dog. That day even a dog walk was held, in which 25 dogs participated. Nice to see. There are garbage bins on the beach every few meters. Don't forget to bring your dog poop bags. A less crowded beach for walking your dog is the beach of Groede-Bad.

Hiking Cadzand

Where can you park best?

You can park for a fee by the side of the road in the streets around Cadzand. We usually park on a fairly cheap payment parking. From the parking it is only an 600 meter walk to the beach. Address Parking: Lange Strinkweg 1a, 4506 JG Cadzand, the Netherlands

You can also park at another payment car park. The two car parks are located along the Zwartepolderweg and are more to the east of Cadzand (in the direction of Breskens). Address: Zwartepolderweg 14, 4506 HV Cadzand, the Netherlands

Caricole beach pavilion 🍺

After the walk on the beach of Cadzand we went for a drink in one of the many beach bars. You come across several in the direction of Breskens (every 500 meter). We went in for a drink Beach pavilion “De Caricole”. Our dog got a bowl of fresh water and we tried out a beer from the house “Caricole” brewed in the Netherlands.

Caricole beach pavilion
Hiking Cadzand
Hiking Cadzand Caricole

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