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Campbell River & Elk Falls Provincial Park- BC

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This day (19) became a chill day and we went swimming, fishing and walking in the town of Campbell River. We also visited the falls of Elk Falls Provincial Park. After clearing everything up we left for the afternoon to Campbell River. The wax stayed on the thread, because it was definitely not dry yet. Campbell River is a quiet town on the east coast of Vancouver Island and is known as the "Salmon capital of the world" From the port of Campbell River we would arrive the next day make a 7-hour excursion in search of whales

Campbell River & Elk Falls Provincial Park- BC
Discovery Pier

Campbell River

But that day we went to have a look at the town and the harbor. We started our walk at the 180 meters (600 ft) long Discovery Pier, where you can park for free by the way. The car park is shared with the Discovery Passage Aquarium and the Maritime Heritage Center. From the pier we could see Quadra Island across the street. You were allowed to fish from the pier, but we had to (sea) againfishing license to buy. You could buy it in the local fishing rod shop in the center of Campbell River. If you do not have a fishing rod, you can rent it in the shop on the pier. There is a sign with all the catches made in that season from the pier.

Discovery Pier in Campbell River - Parking
Campbell River & Elk Falls Provincial Park- BC

Campbell River Discovery Fishing Pier

At sea the gulls flew low over the water and we saw a sea eagle. In the distance, Cape Mudge fires flashed. In the harbor is one ferry service, which can take you to Quadra Island by car or as a passenger. The route of the large cruise ships bound for Alaska is along this pier. Sometimes you can see whales from Discovery Pier, but that day we were not lucky to see one. After we had arranged the fishing license for Eli, we walked back to our mobile home through the many shops. A fishing license for children is free, but they must have one. As soon as you help as an adult, you also need a permit yourself.

Discovery Pier in Campbell River

Everywhere the same chains

In the main street of Campbell River you have some nice cozy shops. But in the other streets you will find the common chain stores as you also find them in America and unfortunately more and more with us. In that respect and on a culinary level, Western Canada and Vancouver Island are very similar. I always thought that the Canadians were more culinary than the Americans, but in every city you see exactly the same chains as in America. MacDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, Burger King, Dunkin 'Donuts, Wendy's and Denny's, among others, are omnipresent. Here and there you see small differences such as the Starbucks coffee chain that is being replaced here by the Canadian chain Tim Hortons. Fast food burger chains also have a Canadian version, and they call that chain A&W.

Campbell River Elk Falls

In the late afternoon we arrived at the spacious parking lot at Elk Falls (Elk Falls Park Road) 2 km from Campbell River. I actually planned that for the next day, but because Elk Falls is so close to the town, we decided to still visit the waterfall that day. The children didn't really feel like it, but we were able to convince them to look for a place on the river after the waterfall to go fishing. After having visited Western Canada and countless waterfalls for almost 3 weeks, I could imagine the waterfall fatigue starting to enter the children.

I promised to take a quick look at Elk Falls and immediately go fishing. On the way to the waterfall (Campbell River Road) I saw a good place where we could stand with the camper and from where we could easily get to the water (see map below).

Campbell River & Elk Falls Provincial Park- BC
Elk Falls entrance - Parking

Elk Falls Provincial Park

The waterfall of Elk Falls is 25 meters high and is 5 min walk from the parking, but there are many hiking trails in the area. Before you see the waterfall you have to go down a few stairs and you have the choice to turn left. From that point you have a nice view of the waterfall or you can turn right and go over the small suspension bridge. In Elk Falls Provincial Park, right on the Quinsam River, you can reserve a camping spot. You can make beautiful walks along the river (Canyon View Trail). Every waterfall is different and this one is also worth going to.

Elk Falls
Campbell River & Elk Falls Provincial Park- BC
Campbell River & Elk Falls Provincial Park- BC
Campbell River & Elk Falls Provincial Park- BC

Campbell River hydroelectric power station

Apparently you can get all the way up to the top, because here too there were tourists who thought it was necessary to swim and pose in the pool at the top of the waterfall. Here we have lost 20 min to take a photo. I do not want to complain too much about that, but the children were eager to go fishing. After I made a picture myself, we left for the camper. You have to cross a bridge to get to the parking lot. Under the bridge giant water pipes run to the John Hart Lake reservoir. The river that flows over Elk Falls passes through the hydroelectric power plant and finally through the city of Campbell River and into the ocean. After 68 years, the John Hart generating station in Campbell River was ready for an upgrade. The project is under construction since 2014 and should be finished.

Elk Falls Vancouver Island

Fish for salmon 🎣

A little before 5 pm Eli finally stood with his fishing rod on the bank of Campbell River. He was not alone. Every 5 meter there was another fisherman trying his luck to catch a salmon. There was actually only one person who caught fish and did it on his bare feet and with an ordinary plug. We also fished with a plug, but this time it went less smoothly than in Well Gray Provincial Park. The other perfectly dressed fishermen who fished the traditional way did not catch anything. It was mainly with fly fishing that they tried to catch salmon.

Campbell River

Still not yet fished out 😉

After an hour we drove back to Miracle Beach to ... continue fishing at the beach. Eli had more luck there and caught some rock fish. The beach was quiet and there was deserted. The visibility at sea was still not very good, but you saw that improvement was coming. We could use it the next day on our day trip, the seven-hour "whale watching Tour"With Eagle Eyes from Campbell River.

Miracle Beach sunset Rocks

Whale watching Tour - Campbell River BC

Day 20: It was the day we spotted (humpback) whales and we had been looking forward to it for a long time. We had booked a seven-hour Whale Watching Tour with Eagle Eye Adventures

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Campbell River & Elk Falls Provincial Park: Map

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