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Fitfort L1 Pro: Noise Canceling Headphones

Wireless headphones Fitfort L1 Pro

After a long time to decide between the more expensive Bose QuietComfort 35ii and the Sony top models such as the WH-1000XM3, I accidentally came across the Fitfort L1 Pro. I must admit I had never heard of the brand. The bluetooth headphones with ANC function were for sale on Amazon for only 50 euros. An extra discount was even given for the quick decision makers. After reading several positive user reviews I decided to take the chance and have not regretted it yet, quite the contrary.

Fitfort L1 Pro Review
Fitfort L1 Pro

Why should you buy the Fitfort L1 Pro?

1. 5.0 Bluetooth

There are a number of things that you should pay attention to when purchasing new headphones. One of these is whether the Bluetooth version is up to date. Many headphones are still sold with the older version. The Fitfort L1 Pro has a very good 5.0 bluetooth connection. The advantage of this is that the reach extends much further.

I have it at home, but also on the train to Ghent tested. The specifications indicate that you can use bluetooth up to 10 meters away. I have never had any problems with squeaks, not even when I was 20 meters from my seat on the train. Connecting with bluetooth is very easy.

1.1 Pairing Bluetooth with a smartphone:

You keep the middle button on the right side of the headphones pressed for 3 seconds until you hear a voice: Power On, the LED light then flashes red blue quickly. Then open the settings on the smartphone, go to bluetooth, available devices… choose L1Pro.

Smartphone asks: Pairing? Press pair and the voice will say Connected. LED light flashes blue slowly.

Bluetooth Fitfort L1 Pro

2. Active noice canceling (ANC)

I cannot compare the ANC of the Fitfort L1 Pro with the Bose QC35ii or Sony for the time being, but the noice canceling just works well. There is a clear difference with the ANC on and off. You can still hear voices, but disturbing road traffic, for example, is well muffled. Especially on the train I heard a big difference. That will be no different on the plane. The ANC works both with and without music. If you play music through these headphones and you use the ANC, you virtually exclude all sound around you. Sometimes it is that little bit extra that can make a big difference. Active noice cancellation is 20 to 25 db. The noise canceling function can be used both wired and wireless.

3. Sound quality of the L1 Pro

I really like the sound and bass setting of these headphones. It is an over-ear headset with soft memory foam ear cups. They are similar to the Bose QC35ii ear cups. My ears get a little warm, but not to the extent that it is disturbing. The frequency range, for the people who benefit from this, is 20-20KHz and the sensitivity 102- + 3db. You can easily pause songs or a podcast by pressing the middle button. The music coming out of these headphones (40mm speakers) is full and warm.

Fitfort wireless headphones L1 Pro

4. Battery life

The battery lasts a surprisingly long time for a headset of this price. I thought it took quite a long time to charge the first time, but after that you can use it for up to 27 hours. That will be without the ANC function, but still. That is longer top model QC35ii from Bose that shows 22 hours. Another advantage is that you can still use the headphones with the included cable when the battery is empty. You connect the headset (USB C) to your computer with the included 3.5 jack connection. I have a Fitfort L1 Pro unboxing video made. You can also watch the youtube video at the bottom by clicking on the youtube box.

What's in the box?

- The fitfort L1 Pro headphones

- Soft storage cover with zipper and inner pocket

- Charging cable USB-USB C

- Extra connection cable headphone jack-USB C

- Airplane adapter

Fitfort L1 Pro What's in the box

Conclusion Fitfort L1 Pro

The Fitfort L1 Pro are fantastic all-round lightweight headphones and are available on Amazon for a very economical price. The L1 Pro weighs only 219 grams, the Bose QC35ii for example weighs 232 grams. If you look at what you get in return and you compare it with the expensive top models of the well-known brands, these headphones are recommended. The Bluetooth works very well, the sound is nice and full, it is super soft around the ears and the headband has a soft padding. As an extra, there is also a well-working ANC function that lasts for 20 hours. What more could you want for that price !? I can only recommend the Fitfort L1 Pro.

Fitfort L1 Pro Unboxing Video

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