Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands that really has it all. It is sometimes said that Gran Canaria is a mini continent in itself. You will find many beautiful beaches, but also within an hour's drive, high spectacular mountains for endless walks. The island is about 580 km² in size and slightly smaller than Tenerife. We stayed in the sunny southeast and made trips all over the island. All blog posts together form a kind of mini travel guide to Gran Canaria. It is best to start with “10 fun things to do in Gran Canaria".

Rent a boat in Gran Canaria

Rent a boat in Gran Canaria

Take the wheel into your own hands! Where can you rent a boat in Gran Canaria? We rented a motorboat in the harbor of Pasito Blanco.

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Do you need a passport in Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria is part of Spain and therefore of the European Union. Residents of the EU and Switzerland can use their ID, all other visitors need a valid passport. In Gran Canaria payment is made with the Euro. So you can simply pay with your debit (current account) or credit card.

Customs: how much can you bring back from Gran Canaria?

Please note! Gran Canaria is not subject to customs regulations such as within Europe. This means that you can only take a limited number of purchases home tax-free. Applies to Gran Canaria the conditions that apply to travelers arriving from a non-EU member state return. This means that you owe VAT on all items that you bring above €430 per person. You have to declare this yourself at customs.