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Guadalest - One of the most beautiful villages in Spain

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The Castell de Guadalest

El Castell de Guadalest or also called the Eagle's Nest is located in Costa Blanca at 20 km north of Benidorm and an hour's drive from Jávea (60 km). The small village of Guadalest was built on a high rock by the Moors and can only be accessed through a gate and a tunnel. The entrance where the wooden gate is secured is carved out of a rock wall. The parking is easy to find and is centrally located on the lower village square, but we just parked for free along the side of the road when entering Guadalest.



Guadalest has 220 residents, but every year around 2 million tourists visit the Eagle's Nest. If you are in the area then a stop is certainly worth it. Below the Fort are a couple of museums, restaurants and souvenir shops. The village apparently specializes in miniature museums, because there are a dozen. I must admit that we have not visited any of them. We did, of course, walk upstairs and through the special entrance tunnel to the eagle's nest.

Guadalest Entrance
Guadalest from the air

Guadalest Market square

I found it a very nice and cozy village. My parents thought it felt a bit like Walt-Disney. We walked around and drank something in one of the cafes. You can also eat something or order an ice cream. My son always likes something to eat and did it all three. From the village square you have a view of the Guadalest Valley and the turquoise Guadalest Reservoir. You can also visit the remains of the castle and the old house opposite the entrance.

Guadalest Market Square
Guadalest Market
Guadalest Shops

Orduña House

The house is called "Casa de los Orduña" and was built after an earthquake in 1644. It was built for the Basque family Orduña. In total, the 300 family was the final guardian of the fort. The house consists of 4 floors and a basement. The entry price was 4 euros and thought it was worth seeing. You can visit the different room, such as the Arches room, the waiting room, the kitchen and the dining room and see how richly that family lived in the 16de in 17. de century. Several families have lived there. Most of the residents were lawyers, soldiers and governors.

Orduña House
Orduña House
Orduña House
Orduña House

One of the most important spaces that you can visit in Casa Orduña is the library. It counts 1265 volumes. Through an outside door one can go along a contemporary walkway to the ruins of the castle and the internal cemetery. From there you have a fantastic view of the village and the reservoir that provides drinking water for Benidorm and Altea, among others. Guadalest is one of the most beautiful small villages that you will find in the Costa Blanca.

Orduña House
The Castell de Guadalest
The Castell de Guadalest

Opening hours Casa Orduña

All days from 10: 15 am to 1: 45 pm and from 3: 15 pm to 7: 00 pm

On Tuesday: 10: 00 am to 6: 00 pm

The prices range from 4 euros for adults, 2 euros for children.

Phone: + 34 965 88 5393

Guadalest is located in the valley of the same name and between the Sierra Aixorta (1126m) and the Sierra de Aitana (1558m) at an altitude of 587 meters. You can reach the beautiful village via the CV-70 or with the bus Llorente (16)

Video Visit to Guadalest

The Algar Waterfalls

If it is very hot in Guadalest and you feel like you can use a refreshing dip, then you can visit on the way back (15km) The Algar waterfalls.

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