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Hike Cap d'Erquy & Lacs Bleus

Hiking from Cap d'Erquy to La Plage Portuais

The walk Cap d'Erquy to la Plage du Portuais and Lacs Blues was for me the most beautiful walk we made during our stay in February on the Côte d'Armor in Brittany. The total walking distance is 7 km in a loop, but is very varied. The walk starts at the small car park (space for 15 cars) at Pointe du Cap d'Erquy and can be reached via Rue de Four à Boulets. The naturist beach Plage de Lourtuais (photo) is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Côte d'Armor.

Hike Cap d'Erquy
Plage de Lourtuais

Walk Cap d'Erquy starts at the parking lot

At the end of the free parking there is a sign with the possible walks in the area. The yellow walk starts to the left of the sign and is marked with the red-white horizontal markings of the GR34 route. On the walk we followed the additional extra yellow marking. Be sure to stay on the marked paths, because the region has recently been replanted (renaturation of ecologically endangered areas).

Hike Cap d'Erquy
hike Cap d'Erquy

Plage de Lourtuais

The first part goes along a rocky path high above the sea and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the coast and from Cap d'Erquy also on la Plage de Lourtuais. Just before Plage de Lourtuais, the path descends steeply to a path where you turn left to the beach. You can walk straight to the beach or turn right and continue on the GR route towards Pointe de la Mare Aux Rets. Dogs are allowed on the beach until May 15.

Plage de Lourtuais
Hike Cap d'Erquy
Plage de Lourtuais

Hike Cap d'Erquy via Plage du Portuais

The path runs parallel to the beach and then goes up steeply via a wooden platform path and stairs. At the top, turn left and follow the GR34 route. Once you are around Pointe de la Mare Aux Rets, you have a spectacular view of one of the most beautiful beaches of the Côte d'Armor, Plage du Portuais. After the short descent you can turn left again and continue via a steep staircase to the beach and continue the yellow walk as described on the sign to the parking lot.

Plage du Portuais
Plage du Portuais

Shorten the walk ➡️

We walked further on the yellow walk, but actually you can turn right at this point and you will arrive at the Rue de la Côte des Pâques. The yellow route continues a little further along the beach (Plage du Portuais via the steep stairs) and later through a pine forest, but you eventually arrive at the same point. On the yellow walk you will come to a crossing with a wooden bareel (see photo forest paths). There you turn right and it is a further XNUMX meters to Rue de la Côte des Pâques. That is the point where the shortened walk meets with the yellow walk.

Plage du Portuais
Access to Plage du Portuais
Hike Cap d'Erquy
Yellow hike: Crossroads forest paths

Going turn right for the shortened walk and walk south through Rue de la Côté des Pâques and past another car park on your right. You will arrive at Rue des Grès Roses. There you turn right again to Rue du Four À Boulets. From the fork it is 600 meters via Rue du Four à boulets until you come to a path on the left that leads to les Lacs Bleus.

Breton pancakes in the port of Erquy

We are via another way to the port of Erquy Walked (keep left at the fork via Rue le Hamel and Rue de Tu És Roc), because we wanted to eat lunch in a creperie and still shelter from the rain. We found a table at Crêperie le vieux port where we could sit inside. The Breton pancakes were tasty, but actually thought it was a bit too expensive for what it was. The total price of the lunch came to 47 euros and drank sparkling water with dinner. A 25 cl beer cost 3.5 euros and one 50 cl beer was 6 euros.

Breton pancake

Erquy is known for its scallops and mussels.

Les Lacs Blues

After lunch it cleared up and we walked further towards the port of Erquy. On the right side of the road we soon saw a wooden staircase that went to les Lacs Bleus. There are signs. At the top you have to go back about 100 meters (to the right) to get to the first lake. The small lakes with practically stagnant water are beautifully surrounded by high rocks and pine trees. It seems here as if you are on the Côte d'Azur.

Les Lacs Bleus
Lacs Blues
Hike Cap d'Erquy

Cannonball oven at Cap d'Erquy

As we passed the lakes it was again very sunny, but just past les Lacs Bleus it started to rain and even hail. Now it was not far before we came back on a tar road that goes to the parking lot. Before you get on the tar road, you pass an old house with a cannon ball oven. The oven was built in 1794 and was used to repel attacks from the English fleet. The balls were heated red-hot in the oven to set the ships on fire. The effectiveness of this technique has never been demonstrated.

From the place you have a breathtaking view of Erquy, the sea and the coast. On the walk from Cap Fréhel to Fort La Latte you will find another rare cannonball oven on the grounds of the castle. Fort La Latte can be visited after the walk and is well worth a visit.

Hike Cap d'Erquy
Cannon ball oven

Walk from Cap Fréhel to Fort La Latte

The coastal walk from Cap Fréhel to Fort la Latte is one of the most beautiful in Brittany and follows part of the well-marked GR34 route.

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