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Holiday accommodation in the eastern mountains of Malaga

Holiday villa Los Almendros in Salares Spain

Last summer we rented a holiday villa in Salares at 800 meters in the quiet eastern mountains of Malaga. The domain is located in the municipality of Salares, just on the edge of the national park of Tejeda. Ideal for walking. We rented a car at Malaga airport and from there it is still an hour's drive. Outside the picturesque villages themselves there are hardly any people in the mountains. Here and there you will see beautiful white (holiday) villas on the hillside, with blue shimmering pools in the garden. The villa we rented was a half hour drive (23km), accessible via countless winding roads, from the coastal town of Algarrobo-Costa.

Holiday accommodation in the eastern mountains of Malaga

Playa de Maro

For the most beautiful coast you should not be in Algarrobo-Costa, but there is a good supermarket there. The Lidl is on the main road to the beach (see map below) and went there regularly to do our shopping. I was then 3 hours away or we did our shopping on the way back from a trip. To find a beautiful beach, it is better to drive a little further (15min) to Playa de Maro, Cala del Cañuelo or La Herradura. We have not been to the beach much, because it was too long (winding) driving.

Playa Marina del Este - Almunécar
Marina del Este - Almunécar
Playa Marina del Este - Almunécar

Swimming pool with panoramic view

If you rent a house with a swimming pool in the mountains, you don't really need the beach. However, I would not recommend staying in the mountains without a pool. Every day we sometimes jumped (the children for hours on end) in the swimming pool to cool off, because it starts to warm up from 9:00 am. By noon it was 12 to 00 degrees. We usually walked for 28 hours in the morning so that we were back for lunch with Grandma, Grandpa and the children. The view of the eastern mountains of Malaga was beautiful.

Holiday villa Los Almendros in Salares Spain
Hiking Salares Spain
Walk Salares - Malaga
Hike to Salares - Malaga

Other walks in the area

From our cottage we made several walks in the mountains to Salares, but also to Canillas de Albaida and Sedella. You could safely walk from Salares to Canillas de Aceituno, but that was a bit too far for us (an extra 3u only). If we were to be there alone, we would certainly have made our walks longer. The region is very quiet and beautiful. On our walks in the mountains we only saw birds, sheep and mountain goats. 

Walk to Canillas de Albaida
Walk Canillas de Albaida

Our place of residence in Salares

Against 18u00 it started to get less hot and we went out to eat in Canillas de Albaida, Cómpeta. Or we just stayed "at home" with an aperitif on the terrace, enjoying the beautiful view of the surrounding hills and the hazy blue sea in the distance. In the evening we sometimes went for a short walk to look at the setting sun behind our hill. The silence, outside the cicadas, grasshoppers and occasionally some Spanish dogs that barked, it was absolutely silent. Early in the morning, when the birds began to whistle, there was usually a mysterious white mist between the lower hills. That mist then usually disappeared when it got warmer for an hour or 9.30.

Holiday villa Los Almendros Salares Spain
Holiday villa Los Almendros in Salares Spain
Holiday villa Los Almendros in Salares Spain
Sunset Salares Spain

Sneaking out ...

We stayed there that year with my parents and Jessica and I were usually the first to wake up. It was then important to take breakfast as quietly as possible and to sneak out without waking anyone up. The villa was one of the nicest and best located accommodations that we had already experienced, but the doors and handles creaked and squeaked as soon as you looked at them. So every morning we were careful not to wake our little monsters. The price of the holiday villa was not cheap, but we thought it was worth the price. There are 3 bedrooms with air conditioning and 2 bathrooms with toilet and shower. The kitchen is also very well equipped. You can eat inside or outside on the beautiful terrace. The last part of the route to the house is pretty bad, but that also has the advantage that no man comes there. Not even for walking, even though the villa is right on a GR route.

Hike to Canillas de Albaida - Spain

We shared the price of the villa with my parents, otherwise we probably would not have stayed here. You can rent the villa through or directly from the owner through this link. From Salares you can make several beautiful day trips to Malaga or Granada. We visited the Alhambra in Granada. Certainly do! You can view the report soon via this link. It is also possible to make various adventurous excursions with the local company Salamander from Cómpeta to the mountains.

Hike to Canillas de Albaida - Spain

Visit to Frigiliana

Frigiliana - Festival de las tres culturas

Frigiliana is a white village in the mountains and is more than worth a visit. It is such a village where you can not drive a car through the narrow streets and where elderly people sit on the stairs in the shade. In every village we saw an 10-many men discussing under a tree or on a square. We called them the city council. When we visited Frigiliana there was just an annual festival going on. Fortunately, we arrived at noon because the actual festival really started only around 17 pm. Everywhere there were flags in the streets and on the squares. There were many stalls where you could eat, drink or buy something. The festival calls "Festival de las tres culturas" and lasts 00 days.

In Frigiliana they celebrate the centuries-long peaceful coexistence of the Christian, Arab and Sephardic culture. The party is the last weekend of August and you can enjoy music, dance, art and the many different cultural eateries. The center of the festivities is located on the village square of Frigiliana. When we left around 22 pm all car parks were full and there was a traffic jam from Nerja. Really a disaster. There were additional car parks along the road to Frigiliana, but the chaos seemed worse than at the Ghent festivities. I would definitely recommend to visit the feast of Frigiliana, but definitely go to 00u16 or come by shuttle from Nerja. It runs up and down from 00u19 to 00u2. Other nice villages to visit are Cómpeta and Canillias de Albaida.

Frigiliana - Festival de las tres culturas


At the end of our trip, we went swimming at aquapark "Aqua Trópic" in Almuñécar. The guarded parking is paying (3 €) and is located next to the Aquapark. In Spain you will always find such an aqua park nearby and our children enjoy going there. No idea if we would make such a trip again with the children, but we thought it was a successful trip due to the beautiful location with the many hiking trails in front of the door and the beautiful villa with swimming pool. This was the second time that we traveled to Spain with the children and my parents. Last time the trip went to Mallorca and again we had beautiful weather.

Aquapark Almunécar
Aquapark Almunécar
Aquapark Almunécar

Visit the Alhambra in Granada

We had purchased tickets for the Alhambra online in advance and visited the medieval Fort and the Palaces of Nasrid on a quiet weekday at the end of August. Granada is a two-hour drive from Salares, but it was well worth the drive. Especially the visit to the palace of Nazaríes was a highlight. But the red fort “Alcazaba” alone, the palace of Carlos V. and the lush flower and inner gardens make a visit to Alhambra worthwhile.

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The Alhambra

Salares and the environment

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