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Holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany

Holiday home "La Coquille"

This year, for a change, we had chosen to stay in “La Coquille”, a holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany, France. Due to the changeable weather on the Côte d'Armor, it was a bit of a gamble to go to the Breton coast with the children in February. It would be great in good weather, but maybe not so much fun in the rain. As a backup we had looked for a holiday home by the sea with wifi. In bad weather, the children could use their tablet and smartphone, among other things. A smart TV with Netflix was also a reassurance in the choice for our holiday home in Brittany.

Holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany
Holiday home "La Coquille"

The old fisherman's house has it all. The weather that week was fantastic due to the many sunny periods. We certainly did not regret the trip to Brittany, quite the contrary!

Holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany
Holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany

Nadine and Jean-Pierre

Upon arrival, Nadine and her husband Jean-Pierre were waiting for us. The cottage is owned by Loïc, but if you have any questions you can contact Nadine and Jean-Pierre. On the way we had sent Nadine an email that it was an hour's drive to our destination. The road to the holiday home runs from Port à la Duc right next to the bay “Baie de la Fresnaye”. As planned, we arrived at La Coquille at 18:00 PM. The cottage is located in the old fishing port “Le Port Nieux” in the commune of Plévenon.

Pay attention with the dog at low tide

The ride to our “seaside holiday home with the dog in Brittany” took 7 hours and our dog wanted to stretch his paws of course. On arrival it was low tide. There stood not water in the bay and therefore not on the quay. The three other houses at Le Port New were not inhabited then and there were no people to be seen. I then let Buddy roam freely. I shouldn't have done that, because suddenly he took a run up to the quay. He slowed down when it became clear to him that there was no water in the bay, but it was too late. Suddenly I no longer saw him, because he had fallen three meters down.

Fortunately, he did not suffer any bruises or worse in the fall. After his fall he immediately followed the birds in the bay. I had not thought that ebb and flow was a completely new experience for our dog and he did not yet know something like a quay or abyss. Something to think about when you walk your dog in Brittany along a steep precipice, such as on the beautiful walk from Cap Fréhel to Fort La Latte.

Holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany
Holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany

Layout of the holiday home

The cottage is located right by the sea and is very cozy, not very large, but it is equipped with everything you need for a nice holiday. The renovated fisherman's cottage is suitable for a family of 4 to 5 people. Downstairs is the dining room with a large wooden table and 6 chairs.

Then there is the living space with a beautiful open hair. The heating is provided by a pellet stove that you supplement according to consumption. Bags of pellets are out of sight behind a curtain under the stairs. Every two days we used the special vacuum cleaner to vacuum the ashes. There is no open kitchen, but that did not bother, on the contrary.

Holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany

Dining room and living room with fireplace

The dining room and living room are tastefully decorated and have attractive lighting points. They all burned upon arrival and during the small tour of Nadine. It started to get dark outside and the many lights immersed the house in a cozy atmosphere.

Holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany

Well equipped kitchen

The kitchen is also very well equipped with all kinds of cooking supplies. In the kitchen we found food items, such as an entire row of olive oils, that we were allowed to use. There was no real coffee maker, but a Senseo. The outside door to the kitchen has an electric shutter that we could lower down at night. The bathroom with shower is located between the kitchen and the living room. This space uses an electric heating element. 


Upstairs there are two full bedrooms and a toilet. If you come up via a narrow wooden staircase, you enter a room with an extra bed and relax chair. There was also a kitchen for small children to play with. Upstairs you have a magnificent view from the window of the quay on which our son has fished a few times.

Safe walks for the dog

The GR500 route runs along the coastline of the Côte d'Armor, 34 meters from the holiday home. Every morning I took our first walk along this route with our dog. You will find the staircase leading to the GR34 route past the oyster farm on your right. We hiked about 2.5 km on the trail every morning overlooking Fresnaye Bay. After that we took walks in the area ourselves. Our dog would stay at home, because I no longer trusted it because of the steep cliffs. The only walk without danger was the beach walk from Plage du Guen to Les Sables d'Or.

Holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany
Daily walk at the house
Plévenon oyster farm
GR34 route Plévenon

There was hardly anyone on the beach at the time and he could have a good time there. Because he was usually unable to join the walks along the steep coastal paths, I went for a walk in the bay every day at low tide. The bay was completely empty by then. He could walk well again and play in the pools filled with water. The "holiday home by the sea with the dog in Brittany" was a real paradise for us, but certainly also for our dog.

Location La Coquille

The holiday home “La Coquille” on the Côte d'Armor is located at Le Port Nieux in the municipality of Plévenon in Brittany. At about an hour and 15 minutes drive you are at the Mont-Saint-Michel and at 45 min in Saint-Malo. Most walks are about 20 to 30 minutes drive from our residence at the old harbor.

Walk from Cap Fréhel to Fort La Latte

The coastal walk from Cap Fréhel to Fort la Latte is one of the most beautiful in Brittany and follows part of the well-marked GR34 route.

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Hike Cap d'Erquy & Lacs Bleus

The Cap d'Erquy hike to la Plage du Portuais and Lacs Blues was for me the most beautiful hike we took during our stay in February on the Côte d'Armor in Brittany.

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