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How to make fabric mouth masks yourself?

Make masks for traveling by train

Face masks are compulsory on Belgium from May 4, 2020 public transport and will be used for a long time. Because doctors and nurses initially had priority over FFP2 and the surgical masks due to a shortage, there were not enough masks for a long time. Even today (Saturday, April 25), there are still not enough masks available for the entire population and the population is asked to make their own from dust.

Make your own masks
Make mouth masks

Travel will be different

We will have to live with the Corona virus for a while, so that distant foreign trips will make way for domestic trips to the sea or the Ardennes. In the next two years we will probably only travel by TGV or Thalys to neighboring countries such as to France of The Netherlands can travel. It is therefore also interesting to know how to make your own masks to travel safely by train.

How can you safely make your own face masks? 😷

Meanwhile, new websites are published every day that offer advice on how to make your own face masks. The safest thing to do is to rely on the advice of the virologists on how best to make your own face masks. You can with a approved pattern by the government (Dutch).

The type of face mask (surgical) that you can make yourself should not be used to get close to an infected person or to care for an infected person. This type of masks is used to less likely infect others. It does NOT protect yourself against the virus COVID-XNUMX. Above all, try to avoid you infect others.

Where can I find an approved template?

Homemade fabric masks work just as well as the surgical ones, but the homemade masks should have two have layers. Because they are double stitched and have an opening, a replaceable filter can be inserted. This can be a coffee filter or possibly a vacuum filter.

You may use the mouth mask max one day and should be washed at 30 degrees (60° F) for at least 90 min. Sometimes it is recommended to do that at 90 degrees (XNUMX°F). Use linen straps instead of rubber bands around the ears. Elastic bands may not be virus-free after washing, unless you wash them at XNUMX degrees (XNUMX°F).

Note: Wash your hands before making a mouth mask and make sure your sewing machine is properly disinfected. Remember to wear a mouth mask yourself during the making process. You can get the pattern and manual approved by the FPS health “How to make your own mouth masks” download here.

The federal government of England and America also provide information on their websites about what you can do to protect yourself against the virus. Click on the relevant country for more information about the safety regulations against Covid19 on site.

Instruction videos: How to make a mouth mask yourself?

Below you will find two instructional videos, the first video is in Dutch and the second in English, which shows how you can easily sew a mouth mask yourself.

Some tips for the daily use of a fabric face mask

* Before wearing, wash the face mask at 60/90 degrees or boil it in a pot.

* Never touch the inside of the mask with your hands.

* Make sure that your mouth, but also your nose is covered with the mask.

* Wash your hands with soap and water before touching the mask.

* When you take off a mouth mask, take it by the rubber bands or straps and put it in a safe place that you can easily disinfect afterwards or put it in a bag type zip lock.

* Wash the cloth mouth mask after maximum 1 day of use.

Instruction video: everything you need to know about mouth masks (Dutch)

Donate mouth masks to the healthcare sector

If you have time and would like to help make more mouth masks for the healthcare sector, you can donate them. Healthcare providers still need mouth masks and other protective equipment to help win the battle against # COVID19. If you have homemade masks or aprons and you want to donate them to care providers, you can do this via the link “register as a maker / donor".

Buying mouth masks?

You can buy mouth masks in the pharmacy or do it yourself, but the clothing sector will quickly jump on the mouth mask cart and you can buy them in all possible colors and scents (?). I keep an eye on it and will be the best left at the bottom of the page put. But whatever you do, make your own masks or buy them…

… Don't touch your face, keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other and wash your hands with soap as much as possible.

make mouth masks

Nice webshops to buy mouth masks

Mouth masks of 9K: Webshop from Ghent (9000) with all kinds of "cruelly wise" #ikblijfinmijnkot T-Shirts, nice accessories and now also mouth masks that are available through the 9K webshop.

Think Pink: Think Pink Belgium, in collaboration with Think Pink Europe, sells fabric masks to protect you and your loved ones against the corona virus. One mask costs 2,49 euros (including VAT). 80% of the proceeds go to Think Pink Belgium and thus to the fight against breast cancer.

Success & Stay Safe! 🍀

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