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Rent a boat in Gran Canaria

Do you need a boat license to rent a boat in Gran Canaria?

One of the things I wanted to do in Gran Canaria was to rent a boat and go sailing myself. I have a boating license from Belgium, but did not yet have an international boating license. When we went to Madeira and wanted to rent a motorboat, to look for dolphins ourself, the owner asked me at the last minute if I had my boat license with me. No, I hadn't thought of that and we couldn't go sailing because of that. This time, three months before our departure to Gran Canaria, I had requested online at WWSV in Ghent an international boat license (70€).

Rent a boat in Gran Canaria
Quicksilver Active 455

Rent a boat at Isla Breeze Boat Rental

In the harbor of Port Pasito Blanco we have with Isla Breeze Boat RentalRented a small motorboat with a roof for 4 hours. It was a recent type for max 4 persons, the Activ 455 Quicksilver. The boat has bluetooth for the stereo, a charger for your mobile phone and adjustable cushions. We received a very detailed explanation from Alberto, especially about safety. It turned out that for this type of boat no boat permit was needed.

Alberto runs the business with his brother Javier. This motorboat only had 15hp, but went fast enough to explore part of the coast. We fished from the boat and my son was able to catch a large Red Snapper. Luckily he released him.

Note: To fish at sea in Gran Canaria you need a fishing license.

Rent a boat in Gran Canaria
Rent a boat in Gran Canaria

Looking for dolphins and whales yourself?

You can search for dolphins, but you actually need a faster boat for that. That's because dolphins in Gran Canaria are much further from the coast than in Tenerife or Madeira. To spot dolphins off the coast of Maspalomas, this boat will take you about 30 minutes. Closer, the sea just isn't deep enough. Off the coast of Tenerife, the sea is faster deep and you only have to sail for 5 minutes to see dolphins. In Tenerife we especially saw a lot of Pilot Whales (Grienden). You can of course always rent a faster boat, but they are more expensive. Alberto has five!

Safety briefing by Alberto

You can park free between the harbor and the Spar (supermarket). You must mention at the security gate that you are coming for Isla Breeze Boat Rental and they will let you through. We were half an hour early and Javier was getting the boat ready. After 15 minutes Alberto was also there, spoke to them and we could immediately start with the briefing. The explanation is mainly about safety. For example, the boat had built-in GPS, which allowed it to follow us wherever we sailed. Interestingly if the boat had to suddenly break down and we would need help. Alberto said: call or Whatsapp and we will find you easily via the GPS tracker and then possibly come with another boat to offer help.

Isla Breeze Boat Rental

Is fuel included in the boat rental price?

Feel free to bring lunch or drinks, because the Activ 455 had a built-in cool box. The cool box was filled with ice for free. Fuel was included, even when oil prices had been rising for a few months. It is true that fuel in Gran Canaria was much cheaper than in Belgium or the Netherlands. A liter of petrol at the pump cost “only” 1.40 €/litre, with us at that time 1.90 €/litre. After refueling, there was another big discount. A further €40 discount went off on a 9-litre tank! To get this discount, you had to refuel for a minimum of 25€.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Gran Canaria?

Renting a boat in Gran Canaria is usually very expensive. The total price we paid, including petrol and tax, was 220€. Such a trip is therefore not cheap, but compared to a boat excursion with 4 people, the total price at Isla Breeze will match. The best part is that you can sail yourself and choose where. On arrival, we were back just in time, Alberto and Javier were waiting for us at the quay at the tank installation. We immediately got our secured deposit (€200 by creditcard) back. It was a fun day and we can recommend Isla Breeze to anyone.

Fishing License for Gran Canaria

Address and rental prices Isla Breeze Boat Rental

Carretera GC-500 s/n
Oficina Varadero, Pasito Blanco Marina
San Bartolome de Tirajana, Gran Canaria
By Bus: Bus No.1/ FREE PARKING

Pricing can be found by type of boat on the Isla Breeze Boat Rental website

Recommended price: 220€ for 4 hours with the Quicksilver 455

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