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Catamaran, Parasailing & Rent a Jet Ski in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria

Where can you rent a Jetski in Arguineguin?

One of the best days in Gran Canaria that year was undoubtedly when we went parasailing and jet skiing in Arguineguin. It was an experience we had never had before and we were curious about the excitement it brought. Renting a Jet Ski in Arguineguin is quite easy. We proceeded to the port, looking for information about the costs of these activities. It turned out not to be cheap, but by combining some activities, combine tripswe were able to reduce the average price compared to separate bookings by adding a catamaran trip.

Rent a jet ski in Arguineguin
Rent a jet ski in Arguineguin

Lunch on the catamaran at Anfi Beach

The day before we had already enjoyed a relaxing trip with a medium-sized catamaran Sailing along the west coast. The gentle rhythm of the catamaran made the experience enjoyable even for those prone to seasickness. After 1,5 hours of sailing, we anchored at Anfi Beach for lunch on deck and a (very) refreshing dip in the sea. Although the water initially seemed a bit too fresh, it still felt good afterwards. The lunch, although not as impressive in the photo below, was considered OK by the children and my son even got an extra portion.

Sailing with a catamaran in Arguineguin
Catamaran Arguineguin
Lunch catamaran arguineguin ESnautica

Can you spot dolphins along the west coast of Gran Canaria?

Along the way we hoped to spot dolphins and whales, but they turned out not to come that close to the coast. Although you can book special trips that go further out to sea, the chance of sighting on these types of boat trips was not very high due to the shallow waters. In Tenerife the coast is deeper faster and it is easier to spot dolphins and whales. You possibly can rent a boat in Gran Canaria and look for dolphins yourself.

Parasailing and renting a jet ski in Arguineguin:

The next day we reported again to the same company in the port of Arguineguin to go parasailing and rent a jet ski for a dose of adrenaline. First it was Jessica and Tess's turn to go parasailing. After arriving at 11.30 am and receiving their life jackets, they left the harbor with some other “adventurers”. Within fifteen minutes I saw the parasail floating high above the coast. Luckily the staff on the boat took nice pictures so we didn't have to worry about that.

Esnautica Parasailing arguineguin
Parasailing Arguineguin
Rent a jet ski in Arguineguin
Parasailing Gran Canaria
Rent a jet ski in Arguineguin

Is jet skiing difficult?

Rent a jet ski in Arguineguin

Since it was our first time on jet skis, we decided to rent just one jet ski in Arguineguin for both of us. After a brief instruction on steering and accelerating, we were ready to leave. My son sat on the back and we were accompanied by an employee on a speedboat who took pictures of us. I was surprised by the power of the jet ski; he went really fast! My son, 15 at the time, was given the opportunity to take over the wheel for a while and turned out to be quite good at it. Stopping was easy: just let off the gas and “bulge out”. This activity is definitely on our list to do again. We didn't find jet skiing difficult.

Next year we will probably go parasailing and jet skiing in Arguineguin again!

This year we are returning to Gran Canaria and I am really looking forward to going parasailing. These water sports activities can be booked at ESNAUTICA in the port of Arguineguin. ESNAUTICA is a family business with extremely friendly people.

Rent a jet ski in Arguineguin

Esnautica Water Sports & Tours

One of the co-owners, Toñi, was so thoughtful that she even gave us a bag of seeds from her papaya plant, hoping that we would plant them at home. As expected, papaya did not grow well in Belgium, so unfortunately we were unable to grow a complete plant from it. But next year we will simply return to Gran Canaria and enjoy delicious papayas all year round! You can book directly at the port, but also via ESNAUTICA online.

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