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From Revelstoke to Kootenay National Park

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Meeting the Waters - Glacier National Park BC

Kootenay National Park

Day 6: There was a lot on the program that day. Not only was there the long drive from 260km / 167mi, we made four short walks on the way to Kootenay National Park. The most beautiful were the Loop Brook Trail and Meeting the Waters Trail in Glaciers National Park. But first we had to pass the dump station. You can not only empty the gray and black tanks, but also take fresh water for the shower, the dishes and to flush the toilet. The children had meanwhile gone swimming in the lake for the last time.

When draining the black pipe, the drain hose was suddenly clogged. You could feel the vibrations that the contents of the tank started to drain, but this stopped after a few seconds. Swallow, what now ... It turned out that the cap of the drain hose hung in the well and blocked everything. I then removed the drain hose from the well, quickly pulled the cap aside and the congestion was happy, practice.

Forest fires in BC

We had refueled the day before and could therefore continue immediately. There were forest fires everywhere in British Columbia, so visibility was still poor. I did not expect that there would be so many forest fires. In the area where we were then there were 9 forest fires, of which 2 still had to be extinguished in Kootenay National Park at that time. In all of Canada there had been more than 900 hot spots at that time. Because of the forest fires there was a slight smoke between the mountains, so it was not ideal to take pictures. We hoped it would rain soon. That day the thermometer was again at 35 ° C and no rain was forecast for the coming days.

Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk

On the way we made two small walks. The first was Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk and has 1.2km on wooden platforms, which run through marsh. This stop is about a 43 km drive from Martha Creek Provincial Park. There are different types of birds, but did not see them. A little further you come to Giant Cedar Boardwalk. The 500 meter long path also runs over wooden platforms. You walk between 500 year old cedar trees. These two places have a picnic area at the start of the walk and are ideal for stretching your legs and eating something.

Loop Brook Trail

Loop Brook Trail is 34 km away. The hiking trail is 2 km long with steep sections and is historically one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the area. You walk past one of the oldest remains in Western Canada made by people. On the trail you will see stone pillars that once were part of the oldest railway lines in Canada. Along the route there are many signs explaining the difficult conditions when making the railway.

Walk Brook Trail BC
Walk Brook Trail - Marmot BC

Meeting the Waters Trail

This easy walk is 4.5 km further. It is a short 1.3 km walk (single) to Meeting the Waters, two rivers that meet in a small beautiful waterfall. The two rivers that meet are Asulkan Brook and the Illecillewaet River. From the small waterfall you have a view of the Great Glacier, which you can reach on foot (4km extra ankle) via the same hiking route. The walk is well worth it. On the way to the waterfall you will encounter the remains of the old hotel.

Meeting the Water Trail - Glacier National Park BC
Meeting the Water Trail - Glacier National Park BC

Brisco General Store & Greenhouse

On the way to Redstreak Campground we refueled at Brisco General Store & Greenhouse. This small supermarket is 31 km from the Camping and we bought plugs for fishing. The manager of the shop even speaks some Dutch, because her parents are originally from the Netherlands. Very kind woman. Tip: The intention was to fish for salmon and trout with the plugs in Wells Gray National Park, but you are only allowed to fish with plugs with 1 hook and WITHOUT barbs. I did not know this then and have the 2de hook with clipped tongs. It is of course easier to buy one without extra bars in advance.

Brisco General Store & Greenhouse

Kootenay National Park - Redstreak

The Redstreak Campground in Kootenay National Park itself was a bit disappointing, because there was a wasp plague and I have an allergy to wasps. You could hardly get out of the camper without being stabbed. When we went to the playground Eli was stabbed. That night we had electricity and were able to watch a movie inside we had borrowed from Traveland. The Radium Hotspring can be reached on foot from the campsite (hot pools at 37 ° C). You will find the prices here .

Tomorrow another long journey was planned to Banff, but we provided sufficient activities along the way. We went to visit among other things Natural Bridge and Emerald Lake.

Banff, Emerald Lake & Natural Bridge

Day 7: Drive from Kootenay National Park to Banff via Natural Bridge Yoho National Park and walk on beautiful Emerald Lake with its clear water (250 km / 155mi).

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Map: From Revelstoke to Kootenay National Park

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