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The best beaches in Curaçao

Curacao's best beaches

The most beautiful beaches of Curaçao are located in Bandabou, the southwest of the island. Playa Cas Abao is one of the best beaches on Curaçao for small children, because the beach there slopes gently into the sea. It is a paying beach. Cas Abao has beautiful turquoise water and is open from 8am to 6pm. It is great swimming and on the beach you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas for 5 naf per chair. You come here to swim and relax, but if you want to snorkel, Playa Porto Mari & Playa Lagun are better places.

Cas Abao beach
Playa Cas Abao

Playa Cas Abao

The entrance fees are not expensive, namely 10 naf per car (maximum 4 persons, then 2.5 naf pp extra) from Monday to Saturday. On public holidays and on Sundays the price is 12.5 naf per car. There are sufficient facilities on the beach, such as a snack bar, showers (50 cents) and toilets. You can rent kayaks and afterwards you can get a massage with the sound of the waves in the background. Very cozy beach with a dive shop. More info to go diving with B Diving & Watersports you will find here. From Cas Abao you can book an expedition to mushroom forest. The boat sails 3 times a week and you can see turtles, moray eels, stingrays and large corals in the shape of a mushroom.

Cas Abao beach Curaçao

If it gets too hot in the afternoon on Playa Cas Abao, you can always look for shade under the many huts and palm trees. This beach must have the beautiful white sand and the relaxed atmosphere. Below you will find the best beaches in Curaçao!

Playa Daaibooi

I thought it was one of the nicest beaches on the west coast. The atmosphere is pleasant and feels less touristy. You will find the necessary shade under the many shacks with a straw roof. There is a snack bar on the beach and you can take a short walk along the coast. The path is a bit tucked away on the right side of the beach. You first have to climb over a few small rocks, but then you will see the beginning of the path clearly. The road runs along the bay and occasionally goes between the bushes (with flowers). I walked around the corner of the bay and then also a long stretch along the coast. With every step you hear iguanas and lizards scattering away and you can see beautiful colored birds flying between the bush.

Playa Daaibooi Curaçao
Playa Daaibooi
Playa Daaibooi hike Curaçao
The best beaches in Curaçao

I think the path runs to the next beach. The view of Playa Daaiboi and the Caribbean Sea is beautiful. We have seen many fish here, even a Murene. But like everywhere in the Caribbean, the coral is unfortunately suffering from coral bleaching.   

Great Knip - Playa Abou

You already have a panoramic view of the beach on arrival, because the parking is approximately 10 meters higher than the sea. Don't forget to take a photo from the vantage point. We found it a pleasant beach with lots of trees. There are not many facilities, only a somewhat tired snack bar, but with friendly staff. This beach is also suitable for small children, due to the sloping beach and the many shady spots where we could play with a ball. It is pleasantly busy and less touristy than I first thought. The moment we were there, in April, it was not yet a holiday in the Netherlands. It is a popular beach with the locals and come especially with the family BBQ 'n under the trees.

Grote Knip Curaçao
Great Knip - Playa Abou

Playa Porto Mari

A fairly busy and more touristy sandy beach than the other beaches, but ideal for children. You can easily enter the water via a pier. Eli has amused himself on the raft, in front of the beach, with a boyfriend. I remember that the boy from the Netherlands, was visiting his grandmother and grandfather for 2 months. There are many facilities including a restaurant and bar, toilets and showers. The music from the bar was in my opinion, a bit too loud. If that bothers you, then you better step a bit further down the beach to rent a chair there. I was too fast to choose a beach chair and I could listen to the music all afternoon.

Curaçao Playa Porto Marie
Playa Porto Mari


I just go snorkeling for an hour or two instead of reading. Underwater metal spheres have been placed in front of the coast, to allow coral to grow on them again and I had the impression that they were successful. Many fish swim around and in the bulbs, but it has something artificial to it.

We thought this was a nice beach, because it was something different for the children.

Immediately in front of the beach it is not a good place to snorkel, but there are more fish to be seen along the rock faces. Here too there is a diving school located on the beach, Porto Marie Sports and they make excursions to the double reef.

Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun has a nice little beach and is situated on a beautiful bay. We were early that day and could choose a place to install ourselves everywhere. We took our 2 loungers stacked on top of each other and placed them under a tree on the side of the beach. We actually wanted to climb Christoffelberg that day, but we were too late. You cannot start the hike to the top of the mountain after 10u in the morning. Playa Lagun has a sandy beach with here and there some rocks and stones. The restaurant, on top of the bay, can be reached via a steep staircase. There is also a type of bungalow park. I would definitely consider staying there someday.

Playa Lagun Curaçao
PLaya Lagun - Curaçao

This place is great for snorkeling. The bay comes naturally and you see many fish along the walls of the rocks. I have hardly been out of the water. In 2013 a large Hawksbill turtle came to lay its eggs on this beach. There is plenty of shade and the toilet can be used upstairs from the restaurant. We then ate something at the Bahia Beach Bar. If you want to book an apartment on this bay, you can do this via Lagoon Ocean Resort.

Playa Grandi - Pescado

Even though this is one of the lesser beaches, it is one of my favorites. Not for the beautiful beach, because it doesn't have that, but because there are so many turtles here. Here the freshly caught fish is cleaned every day and the "trash" the fishermen throw back into the water. The sea turtles are heading for that. We have been to Playa Grandi 2 times to admire these beautiful animals. That is THE place to swim with sea turtles. You don't see one, but several at the same time. They are slow and rude on the beach, but they seem to float in the water. It was the first time I had been snorkeling among turtles and it was a fantastic experience.

Seaturtle Playa Grandi Curaçao - Things to do Curaçao
Playa Grandi - Piscado Curaçao
Playa Grandi -Piscado - Curaçao

On Sundays it is busy and you can eat in the local restaurant (eatery). It costs almost nothing and it was very tasty. They usually prepare freshly caught fish, which you can also buy from local fishermen. The price of the fish for sale on the beach, by the way, is 3 times cheaper than what you pay in the store. There is no shade on the beach and there are many boulders. No facilities. There are many other things that you can do in Curaçao. Here or you can find it via the link below seven!


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