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Walk to Torre Vigia del Cap d'Or in Moraira

Moraira - Torre Vigia walk

Short but beautiful walk to the observation tower Torre Vigia Cap d'Or of Moraira in the municipality of Teulada. The starting point of the walk (SL CV-51) was for us in one of the narrow streets of El Portet de Moraira. El Portet de Moraira is a beautifully situated fishing village on the Costa Blanca. The street where we parked our rental car is called Calle Puerto del Sol. You could possibly try to park in "the large" parking of El Portet de Moraira, but that day the parking was full (end of August-11am).

Moraira walk

The walk is in total 2 km long and starts at the end of the street "Puerto de Alcudia". Try to park in that street as far as possible, because the last two streets go up very steeply.

Through protected nature reserve

At the starting point of the hike, a little hidden under the branches of a bush, you will see a name sign indicating the starting point of the hike. The first short part starts with a steep climb. The area you walk through is a protected flora micro-reserve of Cap d'Or. So take extra care that you do not damage plants. The surface is irregular and the rocks on which you step are sometimes very slippery due to the many walks. Past the house on your right, you will quickly come to a small junction. There you go up to the left and follow the narrow path to an information panel.

Begin the Moraira walk
Walk to the Torre Vigia observation tower
Walk to the Torre Vigia observation tower

Cova de la Cendra junction

At that point you continue walking until you reach an 2de junction. You can turn left there, but follow the path straight ahead. The path to the left goes to Cova de la Cendra via a steep slope down. Our goal was to walk to the lookout tower that day. So we followed the path on the right against the slope. The hiking trail runs slightly uphill around the mountain and in a clockwise direction.

Moraira Torre Vigia walk

Steep cliffs and beautiful views

After the bend around the mountain you have a phenomenal view of the Balearic Sea and the steep cliffs along the vast coast. We had a good view that day and you could see very far, even beyond Cap de la Nau. Many boats sailed along the coastline between Jávea and Calpe that day. It looked like a motorway, but then with boats at sea. After 5 minus walking along the cliffs you will arrive at a point where you can see the watchtower and walk straight to it.

Torre Vigia del Cap d'Or
Torre Vigia del Cap d'Or
Torre Vigia del Cap d'Or

Be sure to walk around the Plateau in a circle. As you can see on the photo below you have a beautiful view of the three beautiful beaches of Moraira and the port. From the watchtower you can see Calpe well in the distance. There too we made a nice walk to the top of the Penyal d'Ifac.

Walk to the Moraira observation tower

Playa El Portet - Moraira

The walk can be perfectly combined with a day at the beach at Playa El Portet, but I would advise against taking the walk in flip flops. It's not a long walk, but as the terrain is quite uneven, I would still recommend wearing sturdy walking shoes or at least sneakers. Try to start the hike before 9:00 am in the summer and bring enough water with you.

Map: Walk Moraira - Torre Vigia del Cap d'Or

Walks near Moraira

We also made other beautiful walks in Jávea and surroundings, such as the walk to the top of the Penyal d'Ifac in Calpe. Also the walk to Cova Tallada is worth the effort.

In addition to beautiful walks and swimming, there are other activities to do. For example, we made a trip to the waterfalls of Algar and visited the picturesque mountain village Guadalest, located approximately 20km from Benidorm. On the way back is a visit to the coastal village Altea an absolute must!

Moraira Torre Vigia walk

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