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Puerto de La Aldea Walk: Discover Gran Canaria's Secret Sandy Beach

Walk Puerto de La Aldea

The beautiful short walk “Puerto de La Aldea” starts in the coastal village of Puerto de La Aldea, located on the unspoilt west coast of Gran Canaria. We were just looking that year short walks that we could make together with the children. They felt that the activities should be divided according to everyone's interests. So going for a walk was good for the kids, but it shouldn't last too long.

Walk Puerto de La Aldea

Restaurant El Chozo

We parked our rental car along the main road (GC-173) in Puerto de La Aldea and walked towards the coast for about 2 minutes, to the restaurant “El Chozo”. Before we started the walk to the remote beach “Playa El Puerto”, we had a quick bite to eat on the terrace. The restaurant is perfectly located for warm weather, because most tables are wonderfully sheltered under the trees.

Bunker from the Second World War

We walked along the coastal promenade near El Chozo restaurant in the direction of the harbor. We passed a heliport and reached bar Avenida on the north side. We discovered other charming eateries and cafes along the beach. The coastal town itself is cozy and not overrun by tourists. On the waterfront is an old bunker from the Second World War, built to protect against a possible German invasion. Further on, on the route at Punta de La Aldea, there is a second lookout post. A tunnel leads from the pebble beach under a rock to the other part of the beach.

Restaurant El Chozo Gran Canaria
Restaurant El Chozo
Puerto de La Aldea promenade
Heliport Gran Canaria - Puerto de La Aldea
Bunker Puerto de La Aldea

Short but brisk walk

Here we crossed the main road and climbed steeply to a spacious, unpaved path. This marked the start of our walk. We kept left on the wide, rocky path. After a sharp bend to the right, we could soon see the idyllic beach on our left from a reasonable height (70 meters). It seemed inviting to go there right away, but we decided to save this for our way back.

walk Playa El Puerto

The walk may only be 6 kilometers long, but you should count on about two hours of walking time. With numerous slopes to conquer, there is a height difference of approximately 200 meters to overcome. The highlight of the tour, Punta de la Aldea, is located at an altitude of 135 meters. Make sure you bring plenty of water and wear sun protection! The route leads through a rock-strewn mountain gorge, where little to no vegetation grows. If you plan to spend some time at the “hidden beach,” be sure to bring extra water and don't forget to pack your swimsuit.

Beautiful view over Puerto de La Aldea

We continued our way to the next exit, about 750 meters further. At that intersection we turned left and started a steep climb up. From the gorge we enjoyed a breathtaking view of Puerto de La Aldea and the vast sea. We followed the blue horizontal stripes marked on several rocks up to Punta de La Aldea at an altitude of 135 meters.

walk Puerta de La Aldea

Almost at the end of this unpaved road, just after a sharp bend to the right, we saw on the left the descending path that we would later need for the return journey. The path was narrow and strewn with loose boulders. The descent took us largely over rocks, so sturdy walking shoes were an absolute must.

Walk Puerta de La Aldea

Pristine black sand beach "Playa de La Puerto"

Playa de La Puerto - Gran Canaria

After a steep descent you reach a junction where you have the choice to continue and return to the wide, unpaved path where our walk started, or to turn right towards the hidden beach “Playa de La Puerto”. Although we weren't planning on swimming this time, we couldn't resist taking a look. The beach is somewhat hidden behind rocks and has a beautiful unspoilt black sand beach. Even though we took the walk in April during the Easter holidays, it was remarkably quiet that day, both on the beach and in the surrounding area. The rocks create sheltered spots where you can relax without direct sun exposure.

Please note: On the beach there is no lifeguard present! I read a review somewhere that said dangerous undertows can sometimes occur, so be careful if you decide to go swimming!

The Puerto de La Aldea walk is recommended for anyone with good mobility

Plan walk Puerta de La Aldea

For the return journey from the beach, rejoin the wide unpaved road and follow the same route back. An alternative option is to walk back to GC-173 via the (eventually) paved road, Calle Lomo del Carmen, or you can return via the parking lot where the walk started.

This short hike is recommended for lovers of secluded trails with breathtaking views of the mountains and sparkling sea.

Other beautiful short walks in Gran Canaria

We have already taken several short walks in Gran Canaria, ranging from 3 to 10 kilometers. Among the most impressive is the walk to Roque Nublo, the descent into the Caldera de Bandama volcanic crater and the coastal walk to the pristine beach of Guayedra (5 km). You can view these walks in detail via the link below or click on the photo.

Three short beautiful walks in Gran Canaria

Three short beautiful walks in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a real walking island, you can take countless beautiful walks along the coast or in the mountains.

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