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3 breathtaking hikes in Mallorca

1. Mirador de Penya des Migdia

The walk starts at the parking lot of Restaurant Ermita de la Victoria (140m) and goes up to 355m. Follow the sign "Penya des Migdia". From the start of the walk you have fantastic views of the bay of Pollença and the Cap Formentor peninsula. The walk is not difficult, but you have to go through a narrow passage at the end, which leads to a path with a very steep abyss.

Walks Mallorca

Walk along the abyss ...

There are chains hanging along the rock wall that you can hold. We thought this was an adventurous final part. The way back goes through the same wall and the passage seems less spectacular than at the beginning. I would not recommend this walk with small children.

We found this walk to be one of the nicest we did in Mallorca.

Mallorca walks
Mirador Penya del Migdia

Almost on the top ...

Once past the part with the chains on the wall, you come to an old bunker. In a little while you will be on the Penya des Migdia. From there you can see the last part of the peninsula in the northeast, which is still a military domain today. There is still an old cannon on top. To get there you climb from the bunker up a steep path. The walk takes about 2 hours without breaks.

At this moment the route is no longer closed with the sign No trespassing Danger, but is always possible in case of danger!

Mirador Penya del Migdia
Mirador Penya del Migdia
Penya del Migdia Mallorca

2. Banyalbufar-Port des Canonge

This walk has few differences in height and mostly runs in wooded areas along the west coast. You start at a small parking lot (km point 85 on the MA-10) and you walk past a house called "La Cabarola".

After 100 meters you go straight ahead at the fork and down, through the fence and after another 50 meter you go straight ahead again at this fork. A little further you come to an arrow indicating the walk further.

Banyalbufar-Port des Canonge

Mallorca walks along the coast ...

The entire route is well marked and runs through pine forest with occasional views of the limestone rocks in the sea. After an hour's walk you will arrive at Port des Canonge with its picturesque harbor and beautiful bay.

Now looking for a cafe for a break. The 2-hour walk without a break is not difficult and is also suitable for small children. Mallorca is a very versatile holiday island. There is a certain type of walk for everyone that you will like.

Walks Mallorca

3. From Finca Boquer to Cala Boquer

Short easy walk of 2.5 hours that runs through the nature reserve of Boquer Valley. You can see all kind of bird species, even ospreys if you start the walk early enough.

You can park at a large parking lot at Finca Boquer in Port de Pollença. Then go through the driveway of the Finca, through the fence and along the Finca. The walk starts when you pass through the second gate.

Boquer dal Mallorca
Boquer dal
Fence Finca Boquer
Boquer dal Mallorca
Boquer valley

Cala Boquer

The path goes up and goes through 2 rocks that seem to indicate the gate to the valley. From that point it is actually straight ahead with a high rising mountain range on both sides, until you come to a jagged bay. When the sea is calm you can refresh yourself. So bring swimming gear and swimming shoes. It is quite possible that you are there all alone. And otherwise there are many more beautiful beaches in Mallorca to cool down after a walk. The walk takes about 2 hours without a break and is suitable for small children.

Boquer dal
3 breathtaking hikes in Mallorca

Other walks on Mallorca

There are of course many more beautiful and heavier walks that you can do on Mallorca, such as the GR221 route or Ruta de la Pedra and Sec (Trail of the dry stone walls) that runs from the south all the way to the north. This 8 day walk is 162 km / 101 miles long and is on our bucket list!

If you prefer to take less long walks, then you are in the right place with these three beautiful walks.

What to do in Mallorca?

In the next blog post you will find what there is to see and do in Mallorca.

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