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The best beaches of Gozo

1. San Blas Beach

This is a very nice beach for a whole day to stay. There is a restaurant / cafe located directly on the beach. You can get there by bus. From Mgarr or Victoria you take bus 303. It stops at the top of the steep road that you have to get to the beach. The road down is reasonably long and super steep, but there is a solution. Every 15 min drives a jeep on and off to the beach, for people who are not so good or who are just lazy that day. We used the jeep on some of those lazy days. Still quite exciting. Highly recommended! The prices of the restaurant are on the cheap side. We did not eat there, but we drank something. Our Farmhouse was located at 10 min from San Blas.

San Blas Beach Jeep Gozo

2. Xlendi Beach

This old fishing village has a beautiful bay for swimming. You can jump from rocks and from a kind of bridge (see video below). Eli & Tess had a lot of fun. It is also made in such a way that it is pretty safe to jump off the bridge and get back out of the water. The water is deep enough there, but it remains to be seen that no one jumps too soon after you and ends up on your head. Watch out. There are no lifeguards, so it is advised to stay with the children.

You can take a walk to the top of a (rock)tower, built in 1658. If you look at the sea from the quay, you can see that there is a path to the right all the way up on the rocks.

A bit further away from the restaurants, around the corner to the left, you will find another bay with a beautiful view of the sea and the cliffs. You can also walk there. Sometimes you see mountain goats walking on the slopes.

If you want to eat something, there is a lot of choice with dozens of terraces overlooking the bay.

3. Mgarr ix-Xini

This is one of my favorite places to swim and to stay. It is difficult to reach, but there are fewer tourists. You actually need a car to get there, because the bus can not get there. The last bit to the bay is an attraction in itself. There is only room for one car on the road and sometimes you have to go backwards to let an oncoming car pass. It is what give and take. If it is busier, you can imagine that it can be exciting. Once parked, just relax twice. In the video you can see Eli jumping from a rock in the bay of Mgarr Ix-Xini.

Mgarr ix-Xini Gozo

4. Dahlet Qorrot

This bay is beautifully situated, but Dahlet Qorrot does not have a sandy beach. You can go to the sea via stairs in the pier. There are also few tourists at this place. We went swimming 2 in August and only saw local people. The people there like to BBQ at that beach. The bay is quiet and the decor is authentic. There is a small beach with large stones.

5. Ramla beach

The largest sandy beach of Gozo, located in the northeast of the island. Here you will also find the typical red-brown sand. Bring in swimming shoes, because in some places there are stones in the sea. Busier than the other beaches. There are food and beverage outlets on the beach and you can rent chairs at 5 euro per seat. You can visit Calypso's Cave nearby and enjoy the beautiful view of the bay sand dunes.

Rambla Beach Gozo

Video Xlendi Beach - Mgarr ix-Xini

6. Extra Tip: Comino

This beach is not found on Gozo, but on the smaller island between Gozo and Malta. It is easily accessible by one of the many shuttle boats, which depart from Gozo and Malta. It is busy in the high season. During the day boats sail on and off to the 3de islet of Malta. The sun loungers are more expensive and the places are limited. We had reserved 2 seats and as time passed, chairs were added. For us, even though we sat 1 meters from the water, even on our left, chairs were placed on a rock. Every inch of the small beach was used by the chair renters. I then swam over to the even smaller island of Kemmunett across the lagoon. It is a little quieter there. You can swim there in a cave, which opens up on the other side in the open sea. Nice to agree. On the island you can take a walk. Without water shoes you do not get far, so be sure to bring them with you.

Blue Lagoon Cominoto
Comino Gozo

Best beaches Gozo: Map

On the small island of Gozo, there is plenty to do for a fun holiday. We were there for two weeks and were never bored. In "What to do on GozoYou will find all the sights on Gozo!

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